A Principle To Live By: Working Out

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There are many diet drugs in the advertising market try to get consumer interest in. We live in a modern nation, a busy life prevent us from getting our weight manage properly. In addition to this, people try a lot of diet pills in hope to get rid of the unnecessary weight. But dieting drugs can be harmful to clients because of the side effects of the particular drugs. The effective way to lose weight is through exercise.Exercise is definately healthy for bodies. It keeps the immune system going strong to protect us from diseases. I remembered an incident that totally changed ...view middle of the document...

Price is sometimes a concern for people who want to keep fit. They think doing physical training cost them more than any other ways to help lose weight. Exercise is actually cheaper than any other way to lose weight. Jon, a friend of mine, spent a lot of money on diet drugs hoping to lose weight fast. But that didn't work for him, because the diet drugs he had used had side effect on him. AFter consuming half of a bottle of the dieting pills, he experienced several side effects. Working out sober. The results were satisfying. "There is no need for wasting my money on the pills, now I have found a better way." said Jon.Working out is fun also. Exercises can take places in many places. There are gyms avaialble at school. Next, we have fitness clubs. After that we have parks, malls, supermarkets and so on. We can run in the parks. They are free for public users. For malls and supermarkets, we can ejoy shopping and walking at the same times. In the fitness clubs and gyms, we will feel the joys of work out because more people there, and it is the best motivation we can get. So that is what it means that having fun exercise is like going to places.For the conclusion, exercise has changed my life so to others. I would like to grab this last opportunity to say that working out is healthy, is cheap and fun. So today, why not give it a try. Let be hurry!


Walker's Essay Seems To Suggest That We Live To Discover The Symbolism Of Life And Unravel It's Complexities By Actively Seeking Them Out

1786 words - 8 pages by many, both by following the beaten path and also by seeking another path away from the prevailing trail of tradition. By embracing Walker's methods of observation we open our minds.Percy reflects upon the dialectic approach of allowing oneself to see something familiar for the first time, be it a picturesque view of the Grand Canyon, a tiny Indian village, or a dogfish. (The dialectic view being the viewpoint of many, employing the method of

The world is a dangerous place to live in

417 words - 2 pages The world has now developed into a remote killer due to many reasons of war, terrorism etc... This can be even explained as the man digging his own grave. The many aspects of man living has been demolished by man himself by doing thoughtless acts which have caused it a worry to even live in this world. Man has exploited several innovations but the method in which it has been used is a constant problem. One such problem is nuclear deposits

Iss London a good place to live - Queen Mary University of London - Essay

758 words - 4 pages shows that there are 36.7% people live in London were born outside in the UK (Wikipedia, 2011). There can be see that London’s society is fluid, people can be from all over the world and always be welcomed in London. Moreover, as Dylan Jones (2016) points out, London is also a great example of successful immigration. As David Pildtch (2016), immigrants to make up half of London population in 15 years. The booming number of people living in the

Why was the hoessini code inmportant to those who werrw stugglging and needed a way out - Lincoln alexander - essay

1258 words - 6 pages culture and the dependencies of a parent and their child, affects the bond between father and his daughter. (Body Para1) Firstly, Hosseini illustrates challenges in a father-daughter relationship through social expectations carried out by patriarchal beliefs, expectations of women and rights given to people based on their gender. To begin, men are expected to be the protectors of the family’s honor, the women, and through society's eyes, be strong

"A Farewell To Arms" By Earnest Hemmingway

1751 words - 8 pages Free is picked out to be questioned, and explains his situation thusly:I was obviously a German in Italian uniform. I saw how their minds worked; if they had minds and if they worked. They were all young men and they were saving their country.Shortly after this, he fled by jumping into a river and swimming away. The section ends as he steals a ride on a train into Milan and plans to meet Catherine Barkley there.In section four, the narrator is in Milan

To Kill A Mockingbird By John Grisham, Speaks Of Racism

1046 words - 5 pages broke from the norm, and acted unlike most others in his community, can be compared to the motive of the central character in the novel, A Time To Kill, written by John Grisham. The comparative character, a lawyer named Jake, also endangers not only his own life but his family's, by defending a Negro. He is compelled to undergo such a risk as he believes he is protecting an innocent man. Despite the fact that he is black. Jake could not live with

"To Kill A Mocking Bird" By Harper Lee

1703 words - 7 pages not being affected by other people's words and actions, lost control and took his anger out on Mrs. Dubose's camellia bushes. He did not realize that Mrs. Dubose was acting like every other person in Maycomb, prejudiced against black people and their acquaintances. Jem felt he had to step in and defend his father's honor, instead of letting his father work out his own conflict. When Atticus mentioned that Mrs. Dubose died, a discussion occurred

"To Kill a Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee

410 words - 2 pages " process. Mrs. Dubose was a great person of courage, and according to her views she left this life beholden to nothing and nobody. Even though Mrs. Dubose is gone her spirit will live on in our small town. In Atticus's words and mine "she was the bravest person I ever knew.These two brave human beings are great examples of courage. There is no real way to describe courage but I believe that Atticus explains the concept almost perfectly. I hope that the people of this town will always remember these two amazing people and I would hope that they try to follow in their courageous example.

Sethe, A Slave To Her Past Beloved By Toni Morrison

417 words - 2 pages Sethe , a Slave to Her PastBeloved by Toni Morrison is a vivid picture of the crueltiy of slavery. It is a novel that depicts the horrifying practicies of enslavement in the early Nineteenth Century in the United States of America. It is a depiction of the horrible conditions under slavery and the dehumanization suffered by human beings when they are owned by other human beings. Beloved is a story of a black woman's struggle to overcome her past

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens -Challenges in adapting the book to a film

575 words - 3 pages living next door to each other? The horrible working conditions of the poor and the greed of the very rich.2.How to develop the story? Is it important to have a narrator? My idea is to have Dickens narrate.3.It is vital to the story to portray the symbolism of the characters properly, in particular:•Scrooge represents all the values that are opposed to the idea of Christmas--greed, selfishness, and a lack of goodwill toward one's fellow man

Essay For "All The King's Men" By Robert Penn Warren. Man As A Slave To Knowledge

1423 words - 6 pages Burden is associated with knowledge in many aspects. He collects knowledge, he runs from knowledge, and sometimes, he grasps knowledge. His actions towards Ellis Burden are guided by the knowledge that he believed that Ellis was his father who walked out on him and his mother. This causes Jack pain, so he flees, and eventually Jack gets a job working for Willie Stark. Jack becomes the man that actually collects the knowledge for Stark to use as

To what extent was Diocletian’s Tetrarchy characterised by a rejection of dynastic principles? - univeristy - essay

1926 words - 8 pages Free , Geta and mother Julia Domna. A striking point that is clearly noticeable during this period is the lack of reference to imperial women on all forms of coinage, sculpture and epigraphy. We know that up until the year 306 not a single coin was minted that showed a female member of the imperial family. The absence of mothers can be explained by the unremarkable ancestry of the tetrarchs, as Olivier Heskter points out, but the absence of wives and

A Response To "Of Studies" - An Essay By Sir Francis Bacon

545 words - 3 pages correspondence between three scenarios of the one's intemperance in studies when he says, "To spend too much ... humor of a scholar." (Bacon). He again uses parallelism by drawing correspondence in what studies are to different types of people when he says, "Crafty men contemn studies ... wise men use them" (Bacon). He makes use of climax in two instances. One is when explains his view on how and what books should be read, and says, "Some books

Atticus’ role in To Kill a Mokingbird, a novel by Harper Lee - What is Atticus’ role in To Kill a Mockingbird - Essay

1880 words - 8 pages Atticus. Atticus us also tolerant to Walter Cunningham Junior, when he is invited home for lunch by Jem. Walter Cunningham does not have many friends, and in Maycomb, the Cunninghams have a very low socioeconomic status. However, Atticus does not muscle people on their social status, class or skin colour. Walter has no eating etiquette and drenches his dinner in syrup, when Scout calls him out on this, Atticus is patient and kind. Instead of

Arguing a position- What it's like to be a man by Phil Christman - English 112 Writing and Research - Research paper

711 words - 3 pages What Is It Like to Be a Man? By: Phil Christman English: 112-806 12/7/2018 2 Vega Cordero What defines a man in the 21st century? How they are handling new expectations? Is it possible to bring up a healthy generation without a father figure? What it’s like to be a man: The Male role in Modern day society A few decades ago, men were providers and protectors; today, a lot of discussions are centered around gender equality, and nowadays women