A Relationship That Changes For The Better

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Wendy Wasserstein's play Tender Offer is a dialogue between a father, Paul and his daughter, Lisa. Paul is too wrapped up in his business and work and never takes the time to talk to his daughter and find out what is going on in her life. When the play begins, Lisa and Paul do not seem to have a relationship at all, but we find in the end that their relationship changes and will be better in the future. This dialogue allows Paul and Lisa to share their feelings about each other for the first time, thus changing their relationship from dysfunctional to normal.The play begins with Lisa dancing around by herself in a dance studio waiting for her father to pick her up. When her father arriv ...view middle of the document...

He seems as though he could not be bothered with her and that he was not inter-ested in what she had to say. When she starts telling him about a movie she saw on tele-vision and he tells her that she is being maudlin. When she asks what maudlin means he says, "Sentimental, soppy. Frequently used by children who make things up to get atten-tion." (p.1304) Notice Paul's choice of words; they are a prime example of Paul's arro-gance. There is easily a much more pleasant way of stating his opinion. When Lisa real-izes that he wasn't interested in what she had to say, she then began to tell him that she had an itch on her leg and asked him to scratch it for her. Instead of being sympathetic for Lisa, Paul tells her that she is procrastinating. He tells her that he is really tired and wants to go home and eat dinner. She then says to him, "Why don't you want to talk to me?" He answers, "I do want to talk to you. I promise when we get home we'll have a nice talk." (p. 1305) Then later in the conversation he says, "Honey we'll talk on the weekend, I promise" (p. 1305) I f...


Assignment On Changes For The Future

2143 words - 9 pages widespread use. Transplantation strategies based on stem cells present enormous potential, but there must be a better understanding of the fundamental biology of stem cells before they can safely and effectively be used for therapy of Parkinson's disease" (Kirschstein n. page). What makes stem cell research a problem to some people is that this research harms and

A Quick Story About The Relationship Of Sisters. Written For A Moral Assignment

568 words - 3 pages all new clothes for her. Trouble from the start.My mom says Sarah was her hardest pregnancy. She had diabetes, a stoke and was constantly sick. The doctors tried to convince my mom to have an abortion. There was a very serious risk of both her and the baby dying. For some reason, she wouldn't listen. I try to forgive her for that decision, everyone makes mistakes, right?Unfortunately, a healthy baby was born. Even worse still, she stayed healthy

Medea; Questions And Answers That Can Create A Better Understanding Of The Character Medea And How The Sympathy Of The Audience Shifts Thoughout The Play

7377 words - 30 pages Free safe trip back to Athens, and hope that his wish for children becomes a reality.Medea's Plan31. Pride seems to motivate Medea most strongly at this point. Find some quotes/examples in this above scene to show this.Medea seems to be strongly motivated by pride at this point. "Yes, I can endure guilt, however horrible; the laughter of my enemies I will not endure." (Medea, pg41). Medea refuses to let anyone get the better of her, and is determined

That Melbourne Is Better Than Sydney - Persuasive Essay For Yr 10 Enlgish

818 words - 4 pages around, or you will find yourself stuck in a maze with no way to get out.The main criteria in the Economist Intelligence Unit survey focused on the three main categories of health & safety, culture & environment and infrastructure. Melbourne acquired a perfect score in every single one of those categories, whereas Sydney lost points for its climate and high house prices, which along with Melbourne's affordability, cultural diversity and excellent transportation system; confirm that Melbourne is indeed a better city to live in than Sydney.

Influential leader: about a person that make changes in your life - English - Essay

1037 words - 5 pages ”. Thank you forever for that. You’re the greatest person I’ve ever met. You’re kind, empathetic, and powerful. To top it all off, you still have room to grow into the even more wonderful person you are going to become. On behalf of my parents, thank you for taking me home with you and auntie, for giving me a family for helping me quit smoking and drinking. Thank you for making me a better person. Words can never express my admiration and appreciation

Is The Relationship Between Drugs And Crime A Causal One?

2322 words - 10 pages ? Are there other ways in which they are related, for example a common cause which affects both? Or is it even possible that sometimes the relationship is purely coincidental? These are the questions that many writers and experts have attempted to answer.The three main models I have mentioned (drug use causes crime, crime causes drug use, a common aetiology) are very unlikely to be mutually exclusive, however. It is more than likely, most agree

This essay explains why Joe is a better parent for Pip than Pips sister Mrs. Joe in the book "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens

461 words - 2 pages more parent-like. "Drat that boy," interposed my sister, frowning at me over her work,"what a questioner he is " (pg 679). Mrs. Joe is getting really upset just because Pip is asking questions. All normal little children are curious and ask questions but Mrs. Joe gets furious at this normal behavior. Joe would not get mad , he would answer them gladly. That is why Joe is a better parent.Mrs. Joe tries to control Pip and parent him but Joe is the primary parent Pip needs because he is kind and loves Pip unconditionally. Joe encourages him and gives him hope when Mrs. Joe blows up in his face if it weren't for Joe Pip would turn into an evil old convict.

The struggles through life makes me a better person - RenDa middle school - esaay

1602 words - 7 pages households own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined. That gap, between the ultra wealthy and everyone else, has only become wider in the past several decades ”(Ingraham 1). The surprising statistics show that the wealth inequality is a huge issue in today’s society, so what leads to these issues? The answer is plutocracy. Since the plutocrats have nearly limitless wealth, they should devote portions of their property for the greater good of

A new and lasting relationship in the workplace - COMM 2020 - Paper

672 words - 3 pages spending the next week working side by side. I used approach behaviors, this is a type of behavior people use to get to know someone. She told me many things about herself. The ones that were most important to her were about a man and her new baby girl that she would be expecting in the next five months. I was so excited for her, but she told me to keep it between us. She didn't want many people to know about her personal problems. To this

Disadvantages and advantages of home schooling. Situations in which home schooling would be better for a child and for an educational system. OPINION!!!

629 words - 3 pages many different ethnic backgrounds. When I first learned about homeschooling, while in a public middle school I was kind of shocked at the idea and had a lot of feelings against homeschooling for example critics of homeschooling have pointed out that since homeschooled children are exposed to fewer kids, they may not learn the socialization skills that are paramount in learning to live peaceably with others. Also students that are placed in a

Who is a better wife? Stella From a Street Car Named Desire or Beatrice From the bridge - 2020 - essay

782 words - 4 pages animalistic behavior. Her laughter shows that she enjoys the violence, it brings excitement to her life. Her laughter also shows that she was accustomed to this behavior from her sophisticated early life. Another quality of Stella that makes her a better wife is that she shares the same passion as Stanley. Stella's passion makes her compatible with Stanley, which allows for a strong relationship. As she shows Blanche a picture of Stanley as a

Write about a Key scene in Shakespeare's 'Richard III' which changes the readers view of Richard. - Berwickshire high school - Essay

1218 words - 5 pages Question: Write about a play which has a key scene which significantly changes the reader's view of a character. "Richard III" is a play by William Shakespeare which includes a key scene which significantly changes the reader's view on the protagonist, Richard III. In the play, the scene which changes the reader's view on the character of Richard from sympathetic to unsympathetic is act 4 scene 2. In this scene, Richard says "I wish the bastards

'Life did get better for many Americans in the 1930's. How far was Roosevelt responsible for this, or was it due to other factors?'

540 words - 3 pages When Roosevelt came to power in 1932, he pledged himself and America "to a new deal for the American people." he had a contagious spirit that encouraged people to think on the bright side because they now had a president who really cared about them and would help solve their problems.To turn American's fortune around, Roosevelt's main task had to be getting people back to work. To do this, he set up 'Alphabet Agencies', which were called that

How does Eliot present the individual within a relationship in Middlemarch's 'Three Love Problems'? - Year 13 - Essay

1527 words - 7 pages subject from the reality of the object of the love. Very similar idealisations form the basis of Lydgate (L) and Rosamund’s (R) relationship. No moral crises occur with them as both are completely unaware of each other’s failings. This is clearly shown in the metaphor of a web for young love. Its delicacy and fragility is shown through ‘subtle interlacings are swung’, reflecting the fact that their relationship is built on trust in the unknown

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1122 words - 5 pages set, muscular fellow that is able to carry a lot more weight than my little brother and I. Around five minutes later, we are required to climb a steep hill to get to a large, algae filled lake named Lake Anita. We dropped everything a long, narrow beige dock and began to attempt to cast past the moss and catch the big one. We only stayed for about an hour because we kept catching moss rather than fish, but still happened to catch a few largemouth