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If you have ever had a family member with cancer, you know its devastating. Cancer takes away the life of many loved ones, that is why scientists try to find cures and much more to help keep these loved ones close. Of course, we still haven't found this cure, but we're working hard to. How much do you know about cancer? That its deadly? Or that it can be treated with other things? If you don’t know much about cancer, you've come to the right paper, because in this paper I will tell you about cancer and its symptoms, different types of cancer, and their certain types of treatments. How much do you really know about cancer and it's symptoms? 
First of all, how is cancer formed? According to, Donna M. Bozzone, any defeat to balance the number of cell births and cell deaths can lead to unusual proliferation which can consequence in cancer (Bozzone 5). For ovarian cancer as stated by Jeri Freedman, "as the cancerous cells continue to reproduce and grow, they damage the ovarian tissue around them" (Freedman 9). In the video, Types of Cancer and Their Symptoms, they said that a large family of disease that involve abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or other parts of the body. Then form hemoplasma(tumors). There are two different types of tumors, a Benign and a Malignant tumor. A Malignant tumor are cancerous, unlike Benign tumors, they're made up of cells that spiral out of control, and occupy other parts of the body. A Benign tumor is not cancerous and usually can be removed by surgery. 
Different symptoms for different types of cancer occur. Five characteristics of cancer include self-sufficiency in growth signaling, and insensitivity to anti-growth signals. Others include invasion of apoptosis, enabling of limit less replicative potential , and activation of metastasis and invasion of tissue. Some symptoms, according to cancer.org include, back or belly, pain, jaundice, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, fever, and change in bladder functions. According to cancer.org, the signs and symptoms will vary depending on the size, and where the cancer is located (Signs and Symptoms: What are signs and symptoms?). 
Cancer is widely misunderstood because many people think cancer is a single disease but it actually consists of more than a hundred different disorders in a normal cell or tissue function. According to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer, more than 8 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. According to Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer, approximately 1,500 people die of cancer every day. Also according to Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer, cancer can become invasive and spread to other parts of the body. Today, we believe that changes in genes, called mutations, can convert normal cells into cancerous cells. These mutations can occur in two different types of genes, Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. Oncogenes are mutations of normal cells that regulate cell growth and cell division and can cause cells...


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