A Research Paper On The Std Syphilis Marywood Research Paper

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Javaughn Johnson
November 25, 2018
General Microbiology BIOL 235
Infections as we know it can be passed on from one person to another individual during sexual intercourse (anal, vaginal, and oral sex). They’re very common and lots of individuals know the risk they are taking when they decide to have sex but know a lot of individuals know the different types of sexually transmitted disease that are out there in the world. A lot of these STD do not have sign or symptoms. These can be very deadly or even dangerous but good news, most of them can be treated and there is a test for them. Syphilis is a common STD, but not a lot of people take it as seriously as Herpes or AIDS. Syphilis can cause serious health complications if left untreated, this disease can is known to be in different stages and a couple of symptoms for genders but it can be cured and prevented. Syphilis is known to be a chronic sexually transmitted infection that is caused by Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum. To understand the disease pathogenesis and its host-pathogen, an individual needs to know that this disease cannot be grown in a vitro only in a human pathogen(Peate, I. 2007). There are some questions about how T.pallidum contributes to different aspects of syphilis, for example, its ability to congenital transmission, micro-invasion, and attachment to host. In the late 90’s T. pallidum genome was sequenced. This organism was founded to have a very small genome, and it was recommended that they should be utilized for biosynthesis. It was shown that by it doing so it fulfilled its metabolic needs.
The name syphilis original root is from a Latin poem, this poem describes an Italian boy, who got infected by the French disease. There was evidence that pointed to syphilis and other disease being originate from Africa, China, and other European countries. There has been rumored that Columbus ’s men could have possibly contracted any of the STD from some of the islands they traveled to and back. Syphilis was rapidly spreading across Europe was mainly cause due to traveling during the war. Since major wars, some of the more dangerous STD such as syphilis have been more and more of a challenge for medical care. Syphilis is known worldwide to be only a human disease, and therefore no animals. This disease can be passed down from mother to infant. Syphilis does not only causes a morbidity but it also gives the infected person to be about to amplified the disease and transmit it to others. Also, it has the ability to increase a higher risk if left untreated and may cause that individual to be able to develop HIV or another STD. The infection towards adults is high risks but not as high as for a infant child who can be born with mental retardation and abnormal growth.
This disease is known to be among the poor, individuals who lack health care, those who are switching sexual partners rapidly, individuals who refrain from using protection and take precauti...


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