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A Revolution Is Like A Hurricane

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A Revolution is like a HurricaneBy Adin BonapartA hurricane is like the French Revolution because a hurricane gathers strength out at sea until it reaches the shore, reshaping the surface of the land. Prior to 1789, the frustration of the French people was building like a hurricane out at sea. All the people in the Third Estate were heavily taxed and did not have the king's support. The French citizens, or Third Estate, made up 95% of the population of France. Of that 95%, 80% were poor peasants. As the people in the lower classes became fed up with rising food prices and higher taxes, the hurricane grew stronger. Hurricanes have power depending on their size, the French Revolution held its ...view middle of the document...

This hurricane brewed until 1917, when things became violent. The revolution was caused by the lower classes being exploited and oppressed. Peasants needed more land, workers wanted better working conditions, and ethnic minorities wanted independence. All lower classes were subject to unjust treatment from the Czars and their reign. The lower classes were the central foundations that formed the hurricane. At the time Czar Nicholas II was in charge of the Russian people. He saw these problems and could predict the hurricane hitting Russia. Instead of dealing with the individual problems themselves, he tried to suppress the hurricane. He tried to create a program of fear to control any opposition to his power; he created a network of spies, censored the press, and outlawed all languages besides Russian. Everybody knows you can't suppress a hurricane! His actions only resulted in an unstable nation and people from all social classes were discontent. He ended up fueling the hurricane and angering more people. The hurricane was further charged on January 22, 1905 on a day called Bloody Sunday. On Bloody Sunday, about 200,000 unarmed workers marched outside of the Czar palace during a peaceful protest. The guards became uneasy and open fired, killing 500-1000 marchers. The hurricane retaliated with waves of 'warning' strikes and violence that spread across the country. The hurricane didn't hit until after WWI. Russia's involvement in WWI was angering the Russian people as well as destroying their economy. The awaited hurricane finally hit Russia in March 1917 in what was called the March Revolution. Women workers in Petrograd led a citywide strike; soon the soldiers joined them and fired at their commanding officers. The hurricane collapsed the czarist rule of the Romanovs and allowed other forms of government to take place. Soviets, or local councils, formed and usually had more power than the provisional government. The White Army challenged the revolution, or hurricane. Both the White and the Red (revolutionary) Armies took heavy losses, and around 15...

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