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Chapter 5 &11
Campaigns and Elections Political campaigns are exceptionally huge in American governmental issues and decisions. It is the period before the electorate settles on political choices as elections. The consideration of the citizens towards governmental issues increases as the date of the elections moves close. The striking nature of voters improves as the election date moves close and could show as expanded media consideration. Political discussions, campaign interest, strength of the intention to vote, and information about the candidates are different appearances of expanded notability of voters. Another sign of improved force is the exertion put by candidates and their political parties in the campaigns.
Candidates have a chance to present their ideas to the citizens through debates and other platforms that are available for the candidates. It provides a platform for the citizens to debate important issues with the candidates and among themselves. Reform agendas presented by the candidates result in vibrant democratic politics, which requires the conscious participation of citizens. It provides a chance for citizens to engage in political activity with others. Political campaigns enable the citizens to contribute to the nomination process thus choosing the best candidate in their party. American politics involves candidates who mostly make unambiguous statements thus conveying their message to the citizens effectively. This means that the citizens have a solid basis on which to make decisions during the nominations and the elections. Distortions in communication due to misstatements are reduced by the accuracy and lack of ambiguity in information communicated the candidates. The campaigns are effective since they result in the election of candidate with the most promising policies and reforms. The focus of the campaigns is national and social issues, which results in election and nomination of candidates that are nationalistic and with ideologies that are acceptable by most of the citizens.
Factors that affect voter turnout: Income, Education, Race, Gender, Age, Civic Engagement, Interest in Politics. Texas Voter Registration Law Be a U.S. citizen and 18 by election day, Resident of state and county for 30 days prior to election, Not be a convic...


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