A Room With A View Windy Corner Versus A Well App

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EXPLORE THE CONTRAST BETWEEN WINDY CORNER AND MRS VYSE'S 'WELL APPOINTED FLAT.' HOW DOES OUR KNOWLEDGE OF THESE ENVIRONMENTS PREPARE US FOR THE CONFLICT IN THE NOVEL. The first comparison to be drawn between the two environs is of their names. This is the first piece of information the reader is given, and is therefore of significance, as they have different connotations. "Windy Corner" has links to nature and the weather due to the word 'windy.' It implies change and movement-which is definitely applicable to that household. The 'Corner' suggests a sheltered resting-place, which is quite appropriate because the household does seem somewhat removed or protected from society. This is in stark contrast to Mrs Vyse's flat. The fact that she has ownership of it, rather than Cecil, suggests that this is her dominion, and as a result is the dominant one in their relationship. The word 'flat' sounds cold, empty and static, as opposed to the vibrancy of Windy Corner. Forster's comment that it is 'well-appointed,' is another of his satirical observations, and this leads us to believe that perhaps it does not have such high standards after all. The physical interiors are just as different as their appointed names. Mrs Vyse's flat is not described in too much detail, but just enough so that the reader has a clear picture of it in our minds. As mentioned above, the flat is proved not to have such high standards when Mrs Honeychurch reveals that there is a "thick layer of flue under the beds." It is not a very pleasant place, as we see when "darkness enveloped the flat." By contrast, there is so much light at Windy Corner that the curtains "had been pulled to meet" in order to protect the furniture. Light is associated with goodness, truth and honesty, and it is quite significant that this is missing from Mrs Vyse's flat. Both homes have a piano, but the purpose for it appears to be quite different. In the flat, Lucy plays both Schumann and Beethoven, whereas at Windy Corner, it is lucky to stay in one piece, "you needn't kick the piano!" (pg 104) The piano is not taken as seriously at Windy Corner, which is another indication of their easy-going attitude.The different environments also help us to find out about the characters of Lucy and Cecil. When they are introduced to their partner's homes, the reader gets fresh a insight into their characters. Cecil is discontented with the "bone and maple's furniture" because from his point of view, they do not 'fit' together. He also considers what could be done to make the drawing room more "distinctive." As soon as...


A Functionalist View Of Stratification

1264 words - 6 pages functioning of society.Tumin (Haralambos 1996) criticises the functionalist view of stratification by pointing out that the opportunity to discover talent in a generation varies with the different resources of the parent generation. In other words, the social class one is born into affects their life chances. This can definitely be questioned in a Western society such as Australia. Wealth may be differentially distributed in a stratified society

A Libertarian Point Of View Essay

1345 words - 6 pages that which can betaken care of by individuals or their families or communities. The most important thing thata government can do is protect the right s of the individual. A government should reservethe rights of the individual in any case provided their actions are not harmful to others. Ibelieve that along with individual rights and small government there are other importantthings that government should keep in mind. I believe in a strong sense

Paper On A Place I Don't Know Well

285 words - 2 pages A Place I Don't Know Well As I step off the plane, I am suddenly overcome with joy. As I look out over the runway, my breath is taken by the beauty of it all. Just coming from a cold, harsh winter, the warmth of the dry air on my face is almost comforting. The ocean in the distance seems so perfect and pure. As I look around the sandy shore I catch a glimpse of a little girl and what appears to be her father. The girl's golden

Betrayal in A View From a Bridge - N/A - Essay

2481 words - 10 pages shown when Eddie described Catherine to be a “Madonna”. This provides evidence of regard to which Catherine is held, with this presenting her as someone who is idolised by Eddie – with a Madonna figure referring to one who is like the Virgin Mary. This in turn forms the idea that in doing so, Eddie is betraying God – with nothing being allowed to be placed above him. The principles and values within the community, depicted in Miller’s ‘A View

Katherine Mansfield's View As A Modernist In "A Di

473 words - 2 pages must have a different out look on life. Katherine Mansfield shares her modernistic views with everyone in her short story "A Dill Pickle." The story begins with two reunited lovers that have not see nor heard from one another in six years. The two of them sit down for coffee and begin to reminisce on the year before when they were so much in love, and begin to wonder why they ever parted. Which brings out the meaning in the title "A Dill Pickle

A Teen Piece - "The Grey Room" It Deals With The Uncertainty Of Being A Teenager And The Desire To Grow Up And Go Back To Childhood At The Same Time

419 words - 2 pages I don't know anymore. I'm stuck in this big grey waiting room of life and honestly, I don't know if I want to move, but I don't want to stay either.Behind me, the pastel colored door covered with stickers of cartoon characters leads to the past. But I can't go back. As much as I may want to, it's just not possible. It is extremely appealing with its carefree playing and no fear on the other side. But the harder I try to get closer to that door

Analysis Paper On Ernest Hemmingway's,"A Clean Well Lighted Place"

1376 words - 6 pages doors it smelled awful, but that wasn't the worst part. When I turned the corner there was a couple old people drooling and there was this old lady holding about five stuffed animals. She would run up and down the halls as fast as she could, talking gibberish. I nearly fainted. We finally got to my grandmother's room. It felt like a five-hour hike to freedom. The room was about eight feet wide and ten feet long. There were all these pictures of

A clean Well-lighted place by hemingway - Art - Assignmeny

1420 words - 6 pages mas," said the barman and turned away. "A little cup," said the waiter. The barman poured it for him. "The light is very bright and pleasant but the bar is unpolished,"the waiter said. The barman looked at him but did not answer. It was too late at night for conversation. "You want another copita?" the barman asked. "No, thank you," said the waiter and went out. He disliked bars and bodegas. A clean, well-lighted cafe was a very different thing. Now, without thinking further, he would go home to his room. Hewould lie in the bed and finally, with daylight, he would go to sleep. After all, he said to himself, it's probably only insomnia. Many must have it.


894 words - 4 pages MODERNIST ELEMENTS IN VIRGINIA WOOLF’S A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN AND MODERN FICTION By Francisco José Suárez García “The literary movement that consists in the breaking with all the previous ideas and devices.” This is the definition of Modernism, a movement that rose in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There was a need for renovation after the previous movements of naturalism and realism, where facts and description meant everything. Now the

Shopping In A Traditional Retail Store, Loblaws, Versus A Box Store, Costco/Club Price

844 words - 4 pages Free Costco vs. LoblawsIn this paper, I shall be providing my personal observations between shopping in a traditional retail store, Loblaws, versus that of a box store, Costco/Club Price. During the last ten years, the overall nature of retailing has changed significantly. There are now an increased number of mass merchandisers such as Costco, who are changing the outlook of retailing at the expense of traditional grocery stores such as Loblaws

A Parent of a Deaf Child's view on the IEP Process in a school setting

558 words - 3 pages much paperwork these days. With her latest IEP meeting, she said it went well and felt like the team accomplished a lot. She said the team made her feel welcomed and wanted her opinion. She feels that -------- is going to be able to succeed through High School but she apprehensive about the mainstreaming. Like any other parent, she just wants the best for her son. She hopes for her son to attend college, get a satisfying job and become successful

Popular Culture - A view of Pornography - Popular Culture - Assignment

3714 words - 15 pages valuable interest, to compare the Asian conception of masculinity to that of their Western counterparts as an insight into the power of Western popular culture on the Asian culture. Western masculinity and sexual identity in pornography and popular culture The jock with finely defined six packs, chiselled jawline - the all-American man. Or perhaps a man with a well-fitted suit with the corner office at the pinnacle of his career. These two

With Reference To Masculinity And Or Femininity Discuss The View That Lifestyle Magazines Offer Their Audience A Conservative Construction Of Gender

1022 words - 5 pages Free tend to contain a lot of objectification of women, and men read magazines for entertainment as opposed to women who read them for information as well. Both men's and women's magazines tend to privilege male roles within society. Dennis McQuail stated that the reason that people read magazines was for four main reasons; the need for information, the need to maintain a personal sense of identity, the need for social interaction and the need to be

The Resource-Based-View Of A Firm (Tesco.Com)

4990 words - 20 pages Free environment.The concept of firm's resources heterogeneity is the basis of RBV. The significance of this concept as a new direction in the field of strategic management was largely recognized in 1984 with the article "A resource-based view of the firm" by Wernerfelt which in 1994, was awarded the Strategic Management Journal best prize indicating that RBV was now a vital part of strategic management literature. He suggested that evaluating firms in terms of

Effect of racism from a functionalist's point of view

381 words - 2 pages Free children of minorities or migrants growing up and discriminating against the newest influx of migrants. Thus, a vicious cycle of discriminatory behaviour is produced which reinforces racially discriminatory behaviour.The forced segregation of children of minorities and migrant workers from other children can have serious negative effects on the capacity of these children to integrate with other children and into the society in general. In particular