A Sister For Joshua Case Study Project Ecpi Assignment

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A sister for Joshua
1.What if everyone performed actions with the same purpose in mind?
I believe if everyone used reasonable ethical measures for this action it would be ok. Unless you have a dying or deceased child no one will understand the pain a parent has to go through. As for everyone using this action, I don’t think it would be an issue if the child was educated and not put in harm or danger to their health. Also, I do feel as though the child's wish later in life should be fulfilled with continuing or stopping the treatment plan.
2.What if every child was conceived as a means to prolong the life of another person? What would this do to our society and to the self-esteem of children as they progress to maturity?
My opinion on every child being conceived to prolong the life of another person, is that they should have adequate education on the treatment regimen and the excepted outcome of saving another's life. Parents should love this child as they would Joshua. I believe society would be a little more caring and not so self-center if everyone cared for others enough to saves lives. I feel that we are all here to help one another and severe gods purpose in life. As this child grows into maturity, they may have low self-esteem, depression and no longer wanting to donate.
3.List all the reasons this could be a beneficial action (having children for life prolongment).
· Replaces unhealthy blood forming cells with healthy ones, can also cure some people's disease.
· Replace diseased, nonfunctioning bone marrow with healthy functioning bone marrow.
· Regenerate new immune system that will fight existing residual leukemia.
· Prolonging life of another person.
4. List all negative against the action of conceiving for the sole purpose of prolonging life.
· Risk that the donor's cells might attack the patient's healthy cells.
· A weaken immune system can lead to serious infection.
· Temporary or permeant damage to the liver and heart.
· Fianacial burden.
5. Compare. which is the stronger approach?
My opinion of the stronger approach would to be having another child and enhancing the chance of prolonging Joshua life. By having a child that can be compatible in a match to Joshua will release some of the stress and financial burden of having to wait on the donor list and the finances that come alone with such a major procedure. This may also bring the family and baby a lot closer later in life and the sister may also feel as if she served a great purpose while here on earth.
6. What is ethically permitted in this case? What might limit us from doing all that is ethically permitted in the case?
Conceiving a sister to help Joshua is ethically permitted. Mr. And Mrs. S, is having another child to help prolong the life of Joshua. The intention of both parents is neither to harm either child.
7. Discuss these points: How long will Mr. and Mrs. S’s third child be used as a donor for Joshua?
Mrs. and Mr. S’s daughter should be used if she is a compatible...

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