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A Smokers PleasureHave you ever seen a smoker taking a long drag on that needed cigarette at the end of the day? Slowly inhaling, letting the smoke travel down their windpipe, they begin to feel the momentary pleasure of nicotine. With each drag their addiction is fed; however, along with each of these drags, is the need for another, thus furthering the addiction. As their lungs are filling with carbon monoxide their bloodstream is carrying nicotine throughout their body and to their heart and brain. Slowly giving pleasure and relieving stress. However, one must realize that the pleasure derived from smoking is only temporary, but the long lasting side effects are permanent and sometimes fatal.The path smoke follows throughout a persons body is devastating to their health and well being. Smoking increases a persons risk for many different diseases or health problems, including, but not limited to, stroke, lung cancer, chronic lung disease, heart disease (Deaths Attributable to Cigarette Smoking), and emphysema.Around eighty-two thousand people die of heart disease every year (Deaths Attributable to Cigarette Smoking). This is because the carbon monoxide from smoke removes the oxygen from blood, causing cholesterol to deposit on the artery walls, and these deposits eventually lead to their hardening. The nicotine in smoke raises the smoker's blood pressure, and it causes the blood to clot more easily. These negative side effects lead to an increased risk of heart attack, "heart disease, loss of circulation in fingers and toes, and impotence" (How Smoking Affects Your Body).Around two hundred five thousand people die each year from lung cancer and chronic lung disease (Deaths Attributable to Cigarette Smoking). As the smoker inhales the smoke from the cigarette, and it slowly travels down their windpipe it leaves tar and other particles in the bronchial tubes destroying the cells that "clean, protect, and remove foreign particles from [the] lungs" (Effects of Smoking on the Body). This causes the bronchi to become weakened, which opens the smoker up for numerous bronchial infections, such as emphysema (How Smoking Affects Your Body).Along with the lungs, many organs in one's body are negatively affected by smoking. It causes increased acid secretion in the stomach, leading to the development of ulcers in its fragile walls and those of the duodenum (Effects of Smoking on the Body)(How Smoking Affects Your Body). The kidneys' ability to process fluids and wastes is reduced, slowing the formation of urine. This may lead to eventual failure and cancer of the kidney, which may in turn lead to cancer of the Bladder (Effects of Smoking on the Body). The internal abdominal pelvic organs are not the only ones affected.The organs of the skeleton, the bones, are affected badly by smoking. It increases the risk of the early onset of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is "a condition that is characterized by the decrease in bone mass with decreased density and enlargement of bone spaces producing porosity and fragility and mineral metabolism" (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary). This weakens the bones and causes an increased chance for fractures. If a bone is broken, smoking may cause the fracture to have a slower healing time (Effects of Smoking on the Body).The reproductive system is negatively affected by smoking. It may reduce a man's sex drive, and it may increase the risk of impotence. In women, there is an increased risk of cervical cancer, and of the early onset of menopause. If a woman smokes while pregnant, the negative effects upon the child have the ability to be either very slight or extremely severe. Smoking may cause impairment of the child's growth and intellect, and it could stunt their emotional development. Smoking increases the chance of many different pregnancy complications, such as bleeding, premature delivery, or even miscarriage (Effects of Smoking on the Body).Heart disease, emphysema, and stroke are some of the physical effects of smoking of the body. However, the mental and sub-conscious effects can be just as damaging. The nervous system and brain are greatly affected by smoking. Nicotine causes the sex drive of both men and women to be reduced, hunger depression, and the reduction of anxiety and pain (Effects of Smoking on the Body). Because smoking reduces anxiety and pain, people continue to smoke, becoming addicted.With each day of the addiction to nicotine, it becomes harder to quit and if a smoker tries to quit, the withdrawal symptoms are more severe. "One may experience irritability, difficulty concentrating, insomnia and depression" (SMOKING). These effests can begin within a few hours of a smoker's last cigarette; they may peak within two to three days, and can last for weeks or even months. One may begin to eat more and gain a considerable amount of weight. However, if a smoker is truly dedicated to quitting they work through the withdrawal with the necessary willpower one must have to quit smoking (SMOKING).The most effective smoking cessation technique is "cold turkey." The person attempting to quit smoking must avoid the activities that trigger the want to smoke. "When the urge to smoke comes on, smokers should try to postpone it as long as possible if they can not totally avoid it" (SMOKING). However, if one is unable to go "cold turkey" there are other options. Nicotine patches, nicotine gum and lozenges, and nicotine spray are some of the products a smoker may use to aid in their cessation of smoking.Nicotine patches have been proven very effective for those who wish to quit smoking. Most patch users have noted a considerable decrease in their withdrawal symptoms, and they have stated that the symptoms become more manageable. However, the negative aspects of the patch are they may cause skin irritation and they may become expensive after extensive use (Quit Smoking Aids.com- -quitting with patches, the most hands-off program for losing your nicotine addiction).The nicotine gum and lozenges help curb cigarette cravings without providing the chemicals found in cigarettes. "Nicotine gum can double quit rates when used properly." If a person uses the gum to quit smoking, they may end up addicted to the gum in place of cigarettes, so one must be careful when using this method. The lozenges are fairly new to the market; however, they have been shown to give similar effects of the gum and have been proven quite effective (Quit Smoking Aids.com- -easy quit-smoking program with the nicotine gum that help your nicotine addiction).Lastly, a person may use nicotine spray and inhalers to quit smoking. The nasal sprays provide the highest levels of nicotine of all of the replacement techniques. "Due to the rapid increase of nicotine [levels], this form of replacement can be fairly effective in minimizing withdrawal symptoms, but this can be addictive..." Many have noted nasal irritation that continued throughout the use of the product. Nicotine inhalers do not administer the nicotine through the lungs as with cigarettes but through the lining in the mouth, like the nicotine gum. People have noted mild mouth or throat irritation, or coughing due to the use of the inhaler (Quit Smoking Aids.com- -Quit smoking with Nicotine Spray and Inhalers).However, once a person quits, their body begins healing them near-immediately. Within twenty minutes their blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse will drop to normal. Within eight hours the stench of smoker's breath disappears and the carbon monoxide level in blood drops and the oxygen level rises to normal. Within twenty-four hours the chance of a heart attack decreases. Within forty-eight hours nerve endings start to regroup and the ability to taste and smell improves. Within three days breathing becomes easier and within two to three months the ex-smoker's circulation improves and walking becomes easier. Within one year the excess risk of coronary heart disease is half of that of a person who smokes and within fifteen years the risk of coronary heart disease is the same as a person who has never picked up a cigarette before (the Benefits :: QuitSmokingNews.com - The latest development in quitting smoking).One, who has never smoked a cigarette before, does not know the pleasure derived from smoking; however, they do not know the pain and negative side effects that accompany the first cigarette and last until the day they quit or the day they die. A person may contract any number of illnesses, such as emphysema, because of their smoking, or they may end up with any number of conditions, such as ischemic heart disease or chronic lung disease. Whenever someone has the choice to pick up a cigarette, they have the choice to put it down. If one wishes for a life of perpetual colds, diseases, and chronic coughs then they may take that first puff and start paving the road towards addiction. However, if they do not wish for a life of perpetual colds, diseases, and chronic coughs then they will just say no and not look back.Works CitedDeaths Attributable to Cigarette Smoking. 03 Apr 2001. National Center for ChronicDisease Prevention and Health Promotion. 23 Oct 2003..Effects of Smoking on the Body. The Algra Corporation. 23 Oct 2003..How Smoking Affects Your Body. 2002. QuitSmoking.com. 23 Oct 2003..SMOKING. Healthy Hearts Resource Center. 23 Oct 2003.The Benefits :: QuitSmokingNew.com - The latest development in quitting smoking.Zhylko, Oleg. 23 Oct 2003. .Quit Smoking Aids.com- -easy quit-smoking program with the nicotine gum that helpyour nicotine addiction. 2003. Quit-Smoking-Aids.com. 23 Oct 2003..Quit Smoking Aids.com- -quitting with patches, the most hands-off program for losingyour nicotine addiction. 2003. Quit-Smoking-Aids.com. 23 Oct 2003.Quit Smoking Aids.com- -Quit smoking with Nicotine Spray and Inhalers. 2003.Quit-Smoking-Aids.com. 23 Oct 2003..


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