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This Is For My Legacy
This is a line from a song called K.O. While listening to this I began to think about my future, and what I what my goals and expectations were. It also made me think about what legacy planning to leave behind at the school.
We all begin at St johns at go, as we all lead to our final destination. The difference what we do on our way. There are paths chosen, actions taken, and lots of decisions are made lead ultimately to a unique legacy. If You will leave a legacy here at this school, whether you like it or not. So instead of asking yourself if you'll leave a legacy behind ask yourself what legacy you will leave behind you.
Firstly, your legacy is comprised of how you finish and the means you took to achieve it and the way you move through your life provides a base which supports your goals. So, you must ask yourself, is winning really winning when you are ashamed of how victory came?
Secondly, there are many qualities that make for an inspiring legacy. In my opinion, I believe that Style, courtesy, honesty and respect are the main aspects one would need, but this does vary from person to person. This is because we all have our different paths That is one of the reasons why we are not way you live your life has an effect on how you will be remembered.
You might be confused Thinking of your legacy is like starting anything new. One way to st...


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