A Study On The Internet Browsing Behavior Of Senior Filipino High School Students

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I.Profile of RespondentsOur topic is inclined with the browsing behavior of 4th year high school students. With that, we requested seniors from random different schools such as Saint Jude Catholic School, Philippine Cultural High School, Grace Christian High School and the like to answer an online survey regarding their purpose of using the web and their corresponding browsing behaviors.We took 30 samples from the whole population and equalized the number of males who took the survey with the number of females. We also took into consideration the age of the respondents as we could track whether older 4th year students would differ in web experience compared with the younger ones. Summarizing ...view middle of the document...

We would also consider the things these young individuals usually do in social networking sites as these sites offer a lot of features to choose from at which could keep them busy such as uploading media; searching for and building potential relationships; finding friends online; post blogs and bulletins; or just play games. This will let us know what makes fourth year students hooked to social networking sites.Another issue would be the purpose of instant messaging to fourth year high school students. The generation today highly spends time chatting friends online in messenger softwares such as Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger and so our group gathered information regarding the things they mostly converse while chatting either with their friends, relatives or even people they don't even know.For our next issue, we took into consideration two famous social networking sites namely Friendster and Multiply and made a comparison whether these 4th year high school students do more significant stuff on multiply than Friendster or vice-versa. This could really be competitive as both social sites contain all the six building blocks of social software.We then looked to the issue whether 4th year high school students show their true identity online. A lot of people use pseudonyms to hide their identities online and represent a different person behind the username. Some issues like gays trying to meet boys and so they disguised themselves as women so men would get attracted to them are some cases where hiding their true identity really became of benefit to them. Other issues include using alternative names in creation of blogs online. Blogs are online journals and is very convenient for a lot of people to post blogs instead of writing them in paper. We would want to check whether the target users show their true identities or not based on the users that create them.Last but not the least; we want to see the ratio of students who have built personal relationships in those mentioned social networking sites. We would then see whether these sites are capable of influencing the people into meeting new friends and building real relationships with people especially Friendster as it was created to that main sake.III.All Surveys questionnaires administeredIV.Analysis of the survey resultsGraph 1. Female VS Male: On what they do on the NetThe first graph shows the things 4th year high school students to when they go online based on gender. We could see that majority of the male go online for the sake of playing computer games and only beaten the number of female in that field alone. For the rest of the fields, female students do more things online than that of men. Women engage more on the other applications that the web brings aside from online computer entertainment. However, there is a only a small gap between male and female when it comes to engaging on social networking sites (0.16). The size of the gap was maybe incurred by the growth of social networks as a...

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