A Submission Of An Essay I Wrote For English Holmes Cc English Essay

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Woods 2
Alexandra Woods
Mr. Lowery
English Comp. 1
7 October 2018
The Community Hero
When I was younger, I viewed heroes as individuals who wore capes and masks to conceal their identities. I assumed that you could not be categorized as a hero unless you defeated villains who attempted to destroy the world. I believed that you had to have super powers and a symbol that sat upon your chest to be classified as a hero. As a result, whenever someone asked me who my favorite hero was, I would say Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. And, if they asked me why I chose Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, my response would be, “They used their super powers to save the world.” However, as I grew older, I realized that anyone who steps up to be the change that he or she wants to see in the world can be considered a hero. Heroes can be viewed as individuals who work hard to bring unity to communities and peace to victims of poverty. Individuals who display acts of heroism can be ordinary people who possess extraordinary qualities. A hero does not have to wear a cape and mask or a symbol on his or her chest. My hero wears a friendly smile, happy heart, and willing spirit. Her name is Chaquina Griffin, and she strives to bring change to her community and its surrounding areas through small acts of kindness.
After Chaquina noticed the dire need for change in her community and its surrounding areas, she willingly stepped up to the plate determined to make a difference. When I asked her why she decided to give back, she said, “I wanted to be someone the younger generation could turn to and seek guidance from.” She dedicated her time and efforts to be a positive role model for the younger generation in her community. She strived to persuade every child that change will greet them one day. She motivated and encouraged the youth in her community because she believed that her actions and words would inspire them to step up to make a difference also. At every community event, she used her friendly smile to greet every child and/or adult who attended the event. Not only did she serve her community with a friendly smile, but she also served her community's surrounding areas with a happy heart.
By being active in her community and its surrounding areas, Chaquina underwent a humbling experience. As she continued to give back, the experience continued to humble her, and she unknowingly grew in so many areas. In 2007, she volunteered with West Tallahatchie Habitat for Humanity (West Tallahatchie HFH). One day, while she was volunteering with West Tallahatchie HFH, Chaquina overheard a mother’s conversation with her children. As she continued to listen to the conversation, she learned that the mother was a single parent who worked two jobs to support her children. When the mother noticed that Chaquina was listening, she turned to Chaquina and said, “Before I learned that I could be a homeowner, my children and...

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