A Summary On Shoeless Joe Written By W. P. Kinsella

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Ray Kinsella, a baseball fanatic, wandered to New Hampshire to find the novelist, J.D. Salinger, the man the mysterious voice had instructed him to find. Salinger, a retired novelist, did not trust Kinsella, a strange farmer from Iowa who was going to take him to a Red Sox game. Kinsella had got orders from the mysterious voice to take Salinger to the game where they would get their next instructions. Throughout their travels, Salinger and Kinsella try to solve the riddles of the mysterious voice and go to Kinsella's baseball field. But, in his head he heard; "If you build it, he will come" and Ray kept hearing that in his mind and he asked his wife and son if they heard that and they said no. But the next night, Ray hears that same voice; "If you build it, he will come" and Ray who was the biggest fan of Joe Jackson who was ban from baseball for gambling on the world series that he was playing in, saw his hero in a "Black Sox" uniform from the early 20's and he also saw the whole "Black Sox" team playing in his cornfield. So, Ray wanted to see his hero and favorite team back in action, so once he heard that voice again he got all the supplies and cut all the corn down and made it into a nice beautiful baseball field just like the one he admired played on. Once it took about 6-7 months to build the baseball field, to grow back the grass for the outfield and to pad the infield with dirt and the mound and also make bleachers for Ray's family to watch, he saw these "ghosts" of Black Sox's started appearing on his field and they were playing catch and hanging out and talking. He grabbed a glove from his house and went onto the field and played catch with his hero and that was the greatest memory Ray could have ever experience that was his only wish, to play a game of catch with the one he admired. A few hours later, another team starts arriving, in the old 1920's uniform and they start practicing as if a game is going to begin and Ray brings out his wife and son to show them that he was not lying and they sat down on the bleachers and watched the Black sox's win. But it was time to go now and Ray and his family wave good-bye to Joe Jackon and the rest of the Black sox's team. It just shows that Ray would of done anything to play a game of catch and see his hero in action and even though they loss a lot of money cutting down the corn and tons of money to spend on the field, it was well worth it.


Cloning Reflection Written By A Catholic

1242 words - 5 pages against cloning is the bible and with it, the Church. By knowing His word, we can comprehend God's nature, and by understanding God's nature, I feel that He sees cloning as being wrong. It may seem to be a weak argument against cloning because it is based on a feeling and my conscience, but there is only one book that I have grown up to know as true and infallible. That book is the bible, and I will continue to view it as fail-safe, no matter how much

She's with Me by jessica Cunsolo - Write a summaru on a story of your choice - Summary

455 words - 2 pages In the stories The Cask of the Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe and The Interlopers by Saki both share a common theme and conflict. The theme that both stories share “blood will have blood” or, in other words revenge. The shared conflict is man vs. man, which each story illustrates in different ways. In The Cask of Amontillado the theme is stated in the very first paragraph. The main character Montresor seeks revenge on Fortunato “The thousand

english class essay, about a play "Tartuffe" written by Moliere in 1664, - Intro to Theatre - Paper on Tartuffe Moliere

932 words - 4 pages Free 1 [Last Name] 2 Introduction to Theatre May 01, 2017 In this vigorous play, “Tartuffe” written by Molière in 1664, can undoubtedly be understood as an attack on religion because the main character is portrayed as a corrupted holy man breaking all the religious laws in order to gain power. The clergy banned the performance of this play because they considered that it condemned religious beliefs. During the 17th century France, the Catholic Church

This essay explains why Joe is a better parent for Pip than Pips sister Mrs. Joe in the book "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens

461 words - 2 pages Great ExpectationsIn Great Expectations by Charles Dickens , Pip is an orphan who is raised by his sister and her husband. Joe is the parent Pip needs , and he is a better parent than Mrs. Joe.Joe is the parent Pip needs because he encourages Pip and teaches him lessons. Joe acts fatherly towards Pip when he says " Don't you tell me no more of ' em , Pip" (pg 694). Joe is being fatherly because he is telling Pip not to lie anymore and fathers

paper written by me on copernican revolution - psych - paper

2094 words - 9 pages Michael Ripert March 8th, 2018 Philosophy of Human Nature Prof. Eugene Kelly Immanuel Kant’s Copernican Revolution Kant was a German philosopher born in 1724 in Konigsberg, Prussia. He is best known for taking up the challenge presented by the Scottish philosopher Hume for exactly what we can know as human beings. Kant asked what are the limits of reason and human knowledge? Kant presents what he declares to be a Copernican Revolution of the

Summary of the rabbit on a tree - tech - summary

646 words - 3 pages entertaining. In the article cline says “the primary basis for many of these shows…. seems to be we should laugh at and be entertained by them.” In the quote Cline is saying how these programs are supposed to make us laugh when we watch them. Personally, during the week I spend little to no time with my parents due to the fact that both of them work long shifts, yet, on Saturdays the whole family sits on the couch and I find myself laughing with my

The Age Of Spiritual Machines, By Ray Kurzweil. This Report Gives A Basic Summary Of A Very Technical Book On A.I

732 words - 3 pages principle of the book, The Law of Accelerating Returns, which follows:-An evolutionary process is not a closed system; therefore, evolution draws upon the chaos in the larger system in which it takes place for its options of diversity; and-Evolution builds on its own increasing order.Therefore:-In an evolutionary process, order increases exponentially.Therefore:-Time exponentially speeds up.Therefore:-The returns (the valuable products of the process

Summary Of "A Brave New World" By Aldous Huxley

1294 words - 6 pages Huxley's point of view in Brave New World is third person, omniscient (all-knowing). The narrator is not one of the characters and therefore has the ability to tell us what is going on within any of the characters' minds. This ability is particularly useful in showing us a cross section of this strange society of the future. We can be with the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning in the Central London Conditioning and Hatchery Centre, with

Written essay on children affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - Psychology - Essay

732 words - 3 pages ADHD experience lifelong ongoing symptoms, whereas people with bipolar disorder go through varying episodes of mania and depression. Genetics play a bigger role in ADHD than in bipolar disorder. ( Berger & Chuang, 2014, p.281) To conclude, ADH disorder is characterized by inattention, impulsivity and distractibility and all those characteristics vary depending on the age of the child. The best treatment and most used to control the disorder is

The Nervous System: A Basic Summary Of The Nervous System And Some Little Peices On How It Is Affected By Disease And Drugs

1560 words - 7 pages NERVOUS SYSTEM The Nervous system receives sensory input from the internal and external environment. It then integrates the input in the sensory centers of the brain and responds to the various stimuli with a motor output, which can be converted by the organs to some form of energy ie. movement, release of hormones, changes in heart rate. The response is not always conscious, for instance if you were climbing a mountain and the air became

The Interrupter: A Short story written by hannah Bartlette, it was an ongoing project. - English IB - Short Story Assignement

4031 words - 17 pages slumber by the loud bang. "Listen carefully, I’ll tell you what you want to hear. You wanted to know why I did what I did, am I correct?" I say resting my pale hands on my lap. "I didn't ask for your life story-" he begins to say, while unbuttoning his expensive dark suit jacket. "It was May I believe,” I cut him off. “A day I can never forget, and believe me, I’ve tried,” I whisper. The interrupter’s dark eyes cloud with questions as he leans

A Tribute Essay on the Late Rod Roddy, Announcer from the Price is Right. Originally Written for My School Paper

427 words - 2 pages Will the Price ever be Right again?By Daniel NobleGazette StaffIn my humble opinion, the success of The Price is Right is due in no small part to three magic ingredients: The Sleaze, The Cheese and The Goofball. And, on Oct. 28, the goofball died. In any other life, he might have been a crazy uncle, a used car dealer or even an MIT student, but in this wacky, mixed-up world we live in, he was a big, bright, shining star.The Price is Right exists

Write a clear and organised summary on crime - Gladstone park - Essay

813 words - 4 pages CRIME AND PUNSIHMENT Write a clear and organised summary that analyses how law and order was enforced in the period 1500- 1750. Support your summary with examples. High level response In the years 1500-1750, there were still some of the medieval methods of enforcing the law. For example, the hue and cry was still used to get the community to chase a criminal, and individuals were still responsible for getting a warrant and catching the criminal

Essay On Marital Rape, As Well As A Historical Background On The Sexual Manipulation And Control Of Women. This Was Written For A Senior Level Behavioral Science Course

4373 words - 18 pages fresh air, in 1890, the state of South Carolina turned on its own back by recognizing and allowing wives to ask for a divorce and for State protection when their husbands were unjustly physically abusing them. At that point, only eleven states still held on to laws that forced a woman to stay with a man that was abusing her (Wilson, 1997, Pp. 263-275).Throughout colonial times, as women began to defend themselves against the ills that encased

a brief summary and expansion and a full proposal on Low Back Pain - technical writing - A proposal

2315 words - 10 pages : References Appendixes B: Demographic characteristics by low back pain …Table 1 ……10 Low Back Pain: A proposal Executive Summary Twelve weeks ago, I submitted a proposal to study the low back in the united states and how it’s a big problem in the united states. US adults with low back pain are socioeconomically disadvantaged, make frequent healthcare visits and are often covered by government-sponsored health insurance. The clustering of behavioral