A Time To Be Alive For World History Doc - English - Paper

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Course Title: World History/H Teacher’s Name(s): Mrs. Schlierkamp
Textbook: World History and Geography Course Fees: $0.00
Alternative materials: None
Supplies recommended: Folder with prongs, pens, pencils, highlighters, notebook, loose leaf paper
Course Scope
This one-year course provides instruction in a chronologically-organized study of world history and geography. This course examines societal development from the Renaissance to the present with an emphasis on emerging ideologies, expansion of empires, growth of nations, and an increase of global interdependence. Students develop an understanding of current world issues and relate them to their historical, geographical, political, economic, and cultural contexts.
Course Goals
1. To compare the interrelationships among human institutions, including political, social, cultural, religious, technological, and economic. [NS: H1.0, H2.0, H3.0, H4.0]
2. To analyze the relationship between the physical environment and historical trends and events.
[NS: H1.0, G5.0, G6.0]
3. To evaluate and critique how the arts and humanities of diverse civilizations relate to historical developments. [NS: H3.0, G7.0]
4. To assess the historical development of diverse political systems.
[NS: H1.0, H2.0, H3.0, H4.0, C13.0, C16.0]
5. To cite evidence supporting the role economic systems play in determining historical events and contemporary issues. [NS: H4.0, E9.0, E11.0, E12.0]
6. To synthesize the causes and consequences of complex events such as wars, conflicts, and revolutions.
[NS: H1.0, H2.0, H3.0, H4.0]
7. To investigate and analyze the impact of science and technology on human and physical systems.
[NS: H1.0, H3.0, G 6.0, G8.0]
8. To apply the content literacy skills necessary to analyze historical documents, artifacts, and concepts. [NS: H1.0, H2.0, H3.0, H4.0, G5.0, G6.0, G7.0, G8.0, E9.0, E11.0, C16.0]
9. To use information, media, and technology literacy skills necessary to research, communicate, and demonstrate critical thinking.
[NS: H1.0, H2.0, H3.0, H4.0, G5.0, G6.0, G7.0, G8.0, E9.0, E11.0, C16.0]
Course Outline
Quarter 1: August 13 – October 12
World in 1500
Growth of World Religions
Renaissance and Reformation
Quarter 2: October 15 – December 21
Enlightenment and Revolution
Quarter 3: January 7 – March 16
Nation-Building and Industrialization
World Wars
Quarter 4: March 18 – May 24
Cold War and Beyond
Contemporary Global Issues
Quarter Grade Determination:
Homework 10%
Classwork, Quizzes 45%
Tests, Projects, Performances 45%
Grading Scale Semester Grade
A= (90%-100%) = 4 in gradebook Quarter grade 45%
B= (80%-89%) = 3 in gradebook Quarter grade 45%
C= (70%-79%) = 2 in gradebook Semester Exam 10%
D= (60%-69%) = 1 in gradebook
F= (40%-59%) = 0 in gradeb...

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