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A Tragedy With Both Elements Of Greek And Modern Eng3 U1 Paragraphs

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Miranda 1
Allen Miranda
Ms. Salvaggi
30 September 2018
A Tragedy with Greek and Modern Characteristics
Arthur Miller, the author of A View From The Bridge is classified as a tragedy as it consists of both Greek and modern characteristics. For instance, modern heroes share similar concept of a common man who seeks displacement from society. Alternatively, in the Greek tragic heroes’ fates are predetermined through divine beings who seek to escape judgment. In the novel, Eddie is a common man which shows when Alfieri said, “Eddie Carbone had never expected to have a destiny. A man works, raises his family, goes bowling, eats, gets old, and then he dies.” (Miller 27). This shows that Eddie was predetermined to be a common man that follows the cycle of life; however through the process of restoring the order in his household he has transition from the common man to a tragic hero. Due to his moral blindness of pride meaning to say that he is unable to find the solution to accept and be thankful for what he had which was his family. He attempts to avoid the inevitable judgment as the common man that causes his actions to go spiral that leads to his destruction. Also, a modern tragic setting is defined as a realistic world chaos, where the tragic hero is oppressed and trapped in a labyrinth. In the attempt to escaped the labyrinth he stumbles and finds himself staring at a wall that he could never withstand. A View From The Bridge takes place in Red Hook; it’s a small community, where everyone knows everyone. As Marco and Rodolpho were escorted out of the apartment by two officers that causes commotions that led the neighbors to gather and watch from afar. Marco accuses Eddie of betrayal as he look at Lipari and Eddie is enraged and responds, “He’s gonna take that back. Hes gonna take that back or I’ll kill him! You hear me? I’ll kill him!” (Miller 71). This highlights the ripple of Eddie’s pride, and his reputation in his community; Eddie wanted to satisfy his own pride by following the expectation of society. The expectation to be a great father figure and a hard worker, however Rodolpho who was the talk of the town due to his feminine qualities has challenged Eddie to respond...

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