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Theme: Masculinity
Learning Objective:
to explore the theme of masculinity to complete coursework element of IGCSE Literature
Key Vocabulary
Alpha male- the most powerful male in a group
Dominant- in control/ has the most power
Masculinity- the idea of ‘being a man’/ macho
Patriarchy- A society where men are in charge
Trait- a type of behaviour
Reminders to self from previous marking feedback
1More specific detail.
2. Watch out for random capitals.
3.Explain why the word is in inverted commas.
4. Write in a more formal free flowing tone.
5. Use more complex academic language.
6. Explain the role of Eddie and how he has to do with the theme.
7.Show a decent understanding of the text.
8. Show personal engagement.
9.Dont be narrative as you will lose marks.
10.Analyse how Miller creates meaning with caharacters.
Paragraph planning
-Miller uses multiple characters to show how masculinity can be shown in many forms.
-In this play, Miller compares the Longshoreman culture (Millers image of himself).
- People go to extreme lengths to keep their reputation and not be emasculated.
- Miller uses Eddie to show this form of masculinity.
-Miller uses Rodolpho to show the Sicilian cultures version of masculinity and how it differs from a Longshoreman.
-This is shown by that masculinity being more feminine.
-Marco is used to show masculinity in a physical way, and family honour and respect.
-Marco is fairly similar to Eddie.
-Eddie is obsessed with his image around the community.
-Marco is obsessed with family honour.
-Miller shows this as Marco always looks after his brother and his family.
-Marco makes sure Rodolpho doesn’t get in trouble.
-“You’ll be quiet now, Rodolpho”, “You come home early now, Rodolpho”.
-Marco is more masculine than Rodolpho, telling him what to do.
-Marco’s masculinity and Eddie’s turns into friction over time.
-Eddie admires Marco in the beginning, but towards the end when he lifts the chair he starts to get nervous.
-Audience may feel scared as they know that Marco may challenge Eddie’s masculinity and the friction foreshadows Eddie’s death.
-On the other hand Rodolpho’s manliness is completely different to Marco’s and Eddie’s.
-Marco and Eddie are much more macho than Rodolpho and are the stereotypes of a man.
-Rodolpho is a much more attractive, and fairly sensitive.
- He finds cooking, sewing and singing manly.
-Miller does this on purpose as it creates instant tension between Eddie and Rodolpho.
-By making Eddie feel vulnerable through Rodolpho and Catherine wanting to be together, Eddie is threatened for his title of alpha male.
-Eddie instantly saw Rodolpho as weak, this is due to his abnormal talents for a male. In Eddie’s eyes he thinks that the two new men are trying to take his position as alpha male.
-He does this by teaching him how to box. Eddie: “Come on show me! What’re you gonna be? Show me!”
- This is because he is upset and he tries to show Catherine and Beatrice how much of a better man he...

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