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A View From The Bridge- Quotations
● Referring to Catherine and Rodolpho
● “You marry him and the next time you see him it’ll be for divorce”​ - Eddie
● Referring to Catherine and Eddie/Beatrice
● “Understand that he can’t give you orders anymore” ​- Beatrice (to Catherine)
● “​You think I’m jealous of you honey?” ​- Beatrice​ ​(to Catherine)
● First Half:
● “It’s an honour, B”​ - Eddie [p.7]
● “I wouldn’t do nothin’ about that” ​- Eddie (when suggested to report Rodolpho)
● “(Three flights his head was bouncin' like a coconut.) And they spit on him in the
street, his own father and his brothers”​ - ​Vinny Bolzano situation
● Second Half:
● “I’ll kill you for that”​ - Eddie (after being spat on)
● “He called me a rat in front of the whole neighbourhood”​ - Eddie
● “Marco, tell them what a liar you are” - Eddie
● Eddie vs Marco
● “​Chair raised like a weapon over Eddie’s head” - S.D
● ‘Marco spits in Eddie’s face’ ​- S.D
● “​I’ll kill you for that” ​- Eddie (after being spat on)
● “​(we will)​ Have it out” - ​Eddie
● Eddie vs Rodolpho
● “He don’t respect you” ​- Eddie (to Catherine)
● “He strikes”​ Rodolpho when ​teaching​ him how to box
● Internal conflict for Eddie between his honour and desire for Catherine
● ​“He kisses her on the mouth… suddenly he kisses him”​ - S.D
● Immigration scene
● “Put it out of your mind Eddie”​ - Alfieri
● “I want to report something. Illegal immigrants” ​- Eddie
● ‘​She stands a moment looking at him in realised horror’ ​- S.D (Catherine)
● “There’s only 2 more floors”​ - Immigration Officer
● Eddie and Marco Fight
● ‘His eyes are murderous’ ​- S.D
● ‘Eddie lunges with the knife. Marco grabs his arm’ ​- S.D
● ‘Eddie falls to his knees’​ - S.D
● Eddie kisses Rodolpho/Catherine
● ​“He kisses her on the mouth… suddenly he kisses him”
● “He is unsteady. Drunk”
● Chair Scene
● “​Wanna dance, Rodolpho?” ​- Catherine (rebellion)
● “​Chair raised like a weapon over Eddie’s head”​ - S.D
● Rodolpho’s Femininity
● ‘He ain’t right’ ​- Eddie
● "He's like a chorus girl or sump'm" - ​Eddie
● “​You wouldn’t be lookin’ for him you be lookin’ for her​” - Eddie
● Marco’s Manliness
● ‘He’s a regular bull’ ​- Mike
● “​Chair raised like a weapon over Eddie’s head” ​- S.D (Marco threatens Eddie’s
● Eddie regards himself as manly
● ‘You can’t hurt me’​ - Eddie
● ‘I want my respect’​ - Eddie
But he isn’t because he likes Catherine
● ‘When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?’
● “You look like a Madonna” ​- Eddie (a compliment given to Catherine, while Beatrice
receives no such praise)
Law vs Justice
● Justifying the law
● ‘The law is nature’-​ Alfieri
● ‘We settle for half ​’- Alfieri
● ‘Only God’ ​- Alfieri (implying that only God can make such judgements)
● Questioning the law
● ‘Justly shot by unjust men ’- ​Alfieri
● ‘All the law is not in a book’ ​- ​Marco
● “​Where is the law for that?” -​ Marco
● “Only blood is good?” - ​Beatrice
Alfieri is the symbo...

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