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A vision of a Good Society by James Gustafson highlights some of the key factors that a good leader should possess in order to have effective leadership qualities. To understand effective leadership, one has to understand morality, ethics, and ethos. Morality can be defined as to behave or react according to customs. Ethos refers to values or characters of a person or gropu of people. The Bill of Rights in the South African Constitution is celebrated globally for its visionary aspects concerning human life. South Africa is among countries which incorporate social, economic and cultural rights blending them with political, civil and traditional rights as legally enforceable rights.
South African citizens are endorsed freedom of expression, the right to vote and a fair trial in the court of law. The citizens have the powers to challenge the performance of the government on the account of failure to provide healthcare, housing, water, food and security. The Constitution approves all human rights as they are interrated (Goldstone 1997). Lack of dignify life and the presence of material security leads to abuse of political and civil freedom highlighted in The Bill Of Rights. The country has failed to achieve a socially equal society despite all constitutional rights. Predominantly, millions people that belong to communities of colour are ostracized from the benefits of democracy in the country.
Young people in the country question the constitutional and political settlement drafted in 1990s. This essay will discuss the following factors; analysis of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution and the challenges of achieving a just society, and secondly the failure of implementing the constitutional rights.
The frame work of The Bill of Rights is to clearly stipulate and transform measures that affects all sectors present in South Africa. The evidence of the frame work can be presented through a number of values in the Bill of Rights. The liberation movement in South Africa was concerned with the Bill of Rights during the drafting of the Constitution to ensure redistribution of resources and land that was unjustly acquired by minority in the era of apartheid rule and colonization. Apart from the state claiming that it will facilitate access of social-economic access, the property clause in Section 25 of the Bill of rights, requires restitution, land reforms and tenure. In the property clause, the Bill of rights emphasizes on expropriation of property either for public interest or public purpose.
In the clause it also includes the country’s commitment to land reforms and promised to bring about equitable accessibility to South African natural resources. Land reforms compensation depends on several factors such as present use of the land and land history. Another interesting aspect found in the Bill of Rights is the state is not the only entity to facilitate the fulfillment of human rights as private parties also play a vital role. For instance, priv...


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