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"A Whole New Mind" By Dan Pink

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In "A Whole New Mind", Dan Pink identifies the various aspects of thinking and the perceptive nature of the mind. In his forecast of the future he claims that right-brained careers are invulnerable to out-sourcing. This is a very deign outlook into an extremely captivating era of human growth. The ushering in of the "Conceptual Age" will only be a stepping stone in human existence and will serve as an evolutionary block bypassed by our own ingenuity. Right brained thinking is evident throughout history, and remains a part of many cultures around the world; it is also equally vulnerable to out-sourcing in this era of globalization.Societal shifts throughout history have necessitated many ...view middle of the document...

In many foreign cultures, especially Asian cultures, "High Concept" thinking and an appreciation for "artistic and emotional beauty" already exist (2-3). India for example is a very artistic society, where citizens excel in artistic careers and musical thinking. People embrace their heritage and to this day develop artistic pieces in many fields. "High Touch", the ability to "empathize... [and] understand the subtleties of human nature" (3), is also evident in other countries. In the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami late last year, many nations answered the call for assistance. When it came down to which nation was most empathetic to the plight of Tsunami victims, many nations had a higher aid donation per capita than America did. It is highly likely that they many nations are already prepared for a right-brained future, through their already adept abilities in many "High" thinking tasks. The "Conceptual Age" will only single out L-Directed thinking for the most part, however the out-sourcing problem will continue as R-Directed thinkers will seek opportunities in their stead.Globalization will be the backbone of the "Conceptual Age", and eventually will result in out-sourcing...

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