A Wrinkle In Time Is A Middle School Book About A Young Girl Journeying To Find Her Father Middle School Book Report

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A Wrinkle In Time
By; Madeleine L’Engle
Pages 228
A Wrinkle In Time is the story of a high school girl named Meg Murray and her quest with her little brother Charles Wallace and her friend Calvin, to find her dad, an accomplished scientist who traveled through space and time and is being held captive by an evil force. At the beginning, Meg seems to be a timid, loving and caring young lady who is troubled by self-doubt due to the disappearance of her father for a well over a year. Suddenly, Meg is introduced to a stellar creature by the name of Mrs.Whatsit who has the power to read Meg’s mind. She alarms Meg and her mother by revealing to her that the existence of her and her husband’s invention, the tesseract, a relatively “wrinkle” in time, is in fact real. Through this wrinkle, Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin are able to travel through the fifth dimension to find and bring back Mr. Murray.
The next day, Meg and Charles Wallace go for walk and find themselves at Mrs. Whatsit’s cabin. A popular boy named Calvin meets them on the way. Charles is fond of Calvin and finds him to be a very kind soul. When the three enter the cabin, they meet Mrs.Whatsit’s two friends: Mrs.Who and Mrs.Which. From them, Meg and her companions learn that the universe is being  jeopardized by an evil force called The Dark Cloud in the form of a large cloud which is engulfing everything around it. They also learn that the cloud has already captivated a number of other planets. One being Camazotz; the pla...


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