Abortion... A Difference Of Opinions Based On Perspective

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While discussing politics this past summer my friend Nicole and I wound up arguing the topic of abortion for well over 2 hours and could not come to find middle ground because our opinions are from inherently different perspectives.
I was born and raised Catholic. Everyone assumes that this automatically makes my view concurrent with the Catholic Church, Abortion is wrong and a sin. However that is not the case. I believe in a woman’s right to choose and in a woman’s right to control her body. And although I am pro choice, I find myself in a grey area so to speak. I despise women ...view middle of the document...

If you fail to use a condom, you’re trying to get pregnant and should have no right to have an abortion. If you did however use a form of birth control, and it failed you, then I believe in your right to choose not to keep that child. Nicole, is a devout catholic. Needless to say she disagreed with my views.
Nicole, like the Catholic Church, believes that life begins at conception, not at birth, and therefore that abortion is murder. Nicole also argued that although she believes that a woman has a right to control her own body, once she becomes pregnant it’s not just her body anymore and shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions for an unborn child. She also believes in an immortal soul, that a soul is implanted at the moment of conception, and if life is determined by the presence of that immortal soul, meaning that there is no difference between terminating a week-old pregnancy or killing a thirty year old person. One of Nicole’s largest points of argument was that only God has the right to chose when someone’s life is over.
Nicole and I eventually agreed to disagree, and went about our day discussing other political points. It’s quite clear that our different opinions are based on our different religious perspectives. I learned from this debate that not agreeing with someone does not automatically make them less worthy of respect.


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