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About Me. :) Essay

1080 words - 5 pages


Name: Zyra Marie Largo Year & Section: 3-Diamond Date: 7-11-11



- A type of literature that is written expression without formal pattern of verse or meter.

- Literary works in the from of sentences and paragraphs

FICTION - a literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on facts.

NONFICTION - a prose writing that is about real people, places and events. It is largely concerned with factual information.

- Literary works in the form of ...view middle of the document...

• Theme - is a broad idea, message, or moral of a story

• Setting -
the representational time and place if events in a literary work.


- Literary works presented in lines and stanzas

- Poetry is writing in language chosen and arranged to create specific emotional response through meanings and sounds and rhythm.


Form - Each poem has some kind of form design, a configuration of all its parts. Generally, poems are classified as fixed or closed forms & open forms.

Rhyme Scheme - the regular pattern of rhyming words in a poem.

Rhythm - refers to the occurrence of a pattern of beats or stresses in spoken or written language.

Tone - the tone of a poem conveys an attitude towards its subject or theme.

Persona - considered as the speaker or fictitious character created by the poet to serve as the "voice" of the poem.

Imagery - the use of imagery is an attempt of the writer to concretize abstract ideas and emotions.

Figurative Language - writers use figurative language to state ideas in vivid and imaginative ways. A statement not to be taken literally.

Rhyme - the repetition of similar or identical sounds at the end or middle of verses or lines in poetry.

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