About The Struggle I Faced With My Family School Essay

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Vianey Garza
Professor Bocanegra
January 28, 2018
English 1301 - P38
A Miracle
It was a hot and sunny day, I was hopping in the car on my way to college. My brother was
driving me and we were listening to some music and having a conversation. He then gets a call
and all of a sudden, I see his face change, seeing him get shocked and worried. I started to panic
listening to him with such a concerned tone on the phone saying "What does my dad have? That
can't be right! Is he ok?" I was lost I did not know what was happening to my dad, I just felt tears
filling up in my eyes and falling down my cheek like a waterfall, tasting the bitterness of them on
my lips. He then hangs up and says "That was our mother, she said our dad is really sick but I
don't understand why if he was fine these couple of days." I could see the change of his face,
wanting to cry really bad but did not want to worry me. "What do you mean sick? What does he
have? Is he going to be ok?" I said to him, very anxious to know what was going on. He did not
want to tell me what was wrong he just shrugged his shoulders and kept on driving in silence.
When I got to my classroom, I could not concentrate at all because I was worried sick thinking
about my father and if everything was going to be fine. I then get home and rush inside and see
my mom sitting in the living room with an unhappy face. I then said to her "Where is dad? What
happened to him? Please tell me I really want to know." She looks up and hugs me tightly,
feeling her arms wrap around me and we both started to shed tears. She then wipes her tears
away and looks me in the eyes and says "Your dad has cancer, he does not know yet, I told the
doctors not to tell him because he can get worse thinking about that so I decided that I want to
tell your father myself. I am sorry I did not tell you sooner I just did not want to worry you that's
why I told your brother not to tell you." The moment I heard the word cancer, all of these
memories of my father started to build up in my head. I had all of these flashbacks of my father
teaching me how to ride a bike and the sound of my own laughter when I looked over my
shoulder and realized I was half way down the street without my dad holding on to me. I did not
know what to say, I was miserable and surprised because...

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