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Understanding and Narrowing the “Academic Achievement Gap” in K-12th Grade Schools
in America.
I. Introduction
Low socioeconomic status(SES) students are members of low social class families who
are impeded by the educational system and occupy lower-wage jobs. The United States flawed
education system disadvantages low-socioeconomic status students, causing an academic
achievement gap. Because the future of America depends on the education of all, not just
some, of its youth, it is important to understand and narrow the academic achievement gap in
grades K-12. Although the U.S. government has attempted to narrow the academic
achievement gap between low and high socioeconomic students, disparities still exist, and as a
result low socioeconomic status students are less likely to graduate high school, causing them
to be more likely to commit crime and to develop mental and physical health problems later in
II. Backround
Education is considered a great equalizer in any society that offers a lot of potentials
such as to lift the poor disadvantaged people and provide them with the best opportunities. The
increasing achievement gap between high and low SES students is threatening the positive
impact of education on society. The research data highlights that the achievement gap between
the minority and majority populations has decreased since the past decade but the gap between
the socioeconomic classes has increased to a great extent (Nelson and Jennifer 6).
In the past race and ethnicity was considered more crucial for the educational success of
the people; however, in today's' world, income is considered to be the main determinant. The
better educated and less educated people have a cultural divide that is controlled by their social
standing. The students that do not complete their education or lack in skills pose a serious
threat to the economic sustainability of the country.​ The difference in wealth accumulation in the
country needs to be controlled through effective policies. Healthy and just society can help
move the United States towards the sustainable economic development.​ (Reardon)
Low socioeconomic status students have a less chance of succeeding in school
compared to those with a higher socioeconomic status. Research highlights that the children
living in the poor neighborhoods have a much lower chance of graduating from high school. The
poor living conditions are found to have a deep impact on the cognitive development of the
children that contribute to their success in their schools. Research also identifies that every one
in four children in America is living in poverty. Unemployment and poverty create several class
behavior issues that negatively affect the performance of the child. Economic Policy Institute
stated that the recession has increased the pressure on the families and the percentage of
children living in poverty has also increased.
Poor children are also found to start school at a disadvantage. They are m...

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