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In August 1963, Martin Luther King Jr captivated America with his touching “ I Have A Dream” speech whereby perspective and function were utilised in order to accentuate the deep rooted racial, political and social injustices that are integrated in the everyday life of black African Americans.
The “I Have a Dream” speech has a very direct and simple context. The author of the “ I Have a Dream” speech is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr whom is known emotional, inspiring and strong speaker in which lead Civil Rights movements during the 1160’s. The sheer purpose of this speech was to induce and inspire change in both white and black citizens of the United States during the Civil Rights era. With this, the purpose of the speech, was to juxtapose the sheer impositions placed upon black people as opposed to white and engage change in a non-violent yet effective manner. Dr. King continually addressed the issues of hardship and how the advent of change it represented a beacon of light for African Americans with notions of hope and freedom amongst colours arising as a result. Moreover, a constant motif in his artistic masterpiece, was illustration the disposition between colour and wealth, by referring to...

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