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Leaders can be said to be successful if their efforts affect people’s attitude and people will also follow their instructions and guidance consistent. Leaders are instrumental in leading and maintaining a cohesive group. People with effective leadership skills might cooperate closely with people and always be receptive to others opinion as references for making final decisions. There is high possibility that a team may perform efficiently under strong leadership. As such, leaders will usually have explicit goals and attain their goals with the teams they work with (Wilson, 2017, p. 7). Competent leaders are expected to have a wealth of experience as well as organizing and coordinating the work of the team. This essay will discuss two different aspects of effective leadership, including decision-making and conflict resolution that will lead to the consistent success of any organisations. It will also provide real world examples of each aspect to show how decision-making and conflict resolution skills are critical to business success.
Effective leaders have obligation to make good decisions for everyone involved, which lead business to meet the expectations of their customers and enhance profitability. It is important that leaders make either minor or major decision carefully. Decisions lead the organisations to failure or success. Wilson (2017, p. 82) suggests that decisions can be effective “by obtaining accurate information” and by “encouraging an exchange of opinion.” This means be receptive to new ideas and consult with others in order to form a good decision. Effective leaders tend to collaborate and respect others’ opinions. According to Roszkiewicz (as cited in Wilson, 2017, p. 98), good decision-making means working together with others for creative solutions. This exemplifies that leaders can make good decisions if they encourage collaborative decision-making and put emphasis on building a teamwork rather than competing with others. Collaboration might allow leaders to discuss the alternative options and make the best decisions to fit into the situation. Furthermore, Schein and Scheiner (2016, p. 235) claim that leaders should always be adaptable to internal and external change while making decisions. This emphasized that leaders must rapidly respond to change and shift their behavior to be flexible on decision-making based on changed factors. In order to make a good decision, the effective leaders must work collaboratively with others and be adaptable.
There are two real world examples that indicate how collaborative decision and adaptive decision-making are beneficial for businesses. According to Krueger (2008), Rob Tautges, the Chief Executive Officer of an accounting firm, has always provided leadership opportunities and has always displayed exemplary leadership skills, encouraging team spirit. Krueger (2008) states that to keep all levels engaged, Tautges has invited young people to form their opinions and take t...


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