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Academic Sources Essay

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Class #5.October 9Studying tv and intro to US broadcasting policyChapter 2 in TV readerRadioStarted as 'wireless telegraphy'Numerous inventors created the various technologies that made radio possibleUsed by the military before and during world war 1Fo ex british developed a publically radio bbc then television …this was the first broadcasting…US radio develoed by prvt sectorTelegraph used wires than over the years it developed without wiresFirst radio was a system of2 way communicationDuring ww1 it ws imp for communication; communicating demands1920's selling radio recievers ..rather than using it to communicate they hit on the idea to have ppl listennature of radio itself ...view middle of the document...

Case study (last week)Hollywood and Latin AmericaThe Monroe doctrine (1823)Regular armed intervention in Latin America to protest US interestsNot the same as Europeans style colonialism1932 Roosevelt; policy wsant working, film industy was under threat by latin America because they were using negative stereotypes about Hispanics (racism/steretypes)policy was clled "the good neighbor policy' (1933-1945)The Good Neighbor Policy (1933- 1945)The Roosevelt Administration's attempt to reject the interventionism of previous US governmentsEmphasis on trade and diplomacyAlmost immediate US withdrawl of troops from Nicaragua and HaitiOCIAAOffica of the Coordinatior of Inter-American Affairs created in 1940Run by Nelson Rockefeller (part owner of RKO)Motion picture society for the americans (MPSA)RKO sent best director to do a documentary that wasn't finished…just bits and piecesMake animated film as well to amend the relationship …bringing the culture,Saludos Amigos (1942) animated...

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