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Precious Aimiuwu 2 Access Vocab Review WS 1&2 4/5/2018
A collection of related records in a database.
A powerful database management system that functions in the Windows environment and allows you to create and process data in a database.
Each row of a database table represents this.
The category of information found in the column of a table; Example: Last name, First name, Address, etc., are called this.
Located at the bottom of the screen, displays messages about what you are doing and seeing in Access.
Status Bar
Allows you to enter, view, and edit data one record at a time. Another way to enter records in a table.
Text, number, date, or time; must be assigned to every field in a data table.
Data Type
The view in which the structure of the table is displayed; data types and field properties are assigned here.
Design View
The view in each record is shown in a row and each field name is listed above each column.
Shows you just what types of objects are in the database: Tables, forms, reports, and queries.
Navigational Pane
Access Vocabulary Review WS 1
Open your Access Vocabulary file. Type a header and save to your Access folder as Access Vocab Review WS 1 & 2. Click on the text field below the definitions to select it and then type the correct term to match its definition.
Organizes information into separate tables with unique data. The...

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