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Management accountant
Jeremy Ramirez
March 29, 2019
Being a visionary that utilizes logical steps to make things happen, I’ve always
been one to plan. I like setting goals and strategies to attain them. Recycling bottles and
cans introduced me to budgeting at a young age, as well as how to maximize profits
with different strategies. This experience opened my mind to a new way of thinking; one
of innovation, opportunity, and the passion to learn and develop skills in the field of
entrepreneurship. Of the various accountant careers i’ve found during my research, I
believe that management accounting most strongly aligns with what I enjoy doing and
provides tasks that I can naturally thrive on.
When making important strategic decisions, business leaders need to know the
status of an organization’s financial health and how it could be affected. It’s the
responsibility of management accountants to provide this information so that sound
decisions can be made regarding a company’s future. Some common duties of a
management accountant are planning and budgeting, external financial reporting, risk
management, profitability analysis and much more.
Risk management definetely peeks my interest. Usually I seize an opportunity or
tradeoff if it seems beneficial after weighing the trade-offs. I recognize that I do not not
really think about the potential risks. It would be great to learn to professionally analyze
threats and how it could affect a company’s financial status. I tend to focus more on the
growing aspect, but knowing the dangers is just as important for a company’s stability. A
career in management would be an avenue for growth.
In addition to technical accounting skills, management accountants must possess
the ability to organize information and present it in a way that is simple for business
executives to comprehend. I absolutely love presentin top...


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