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Achieving A “Universal Goal” Essay

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T-Group Definition: "The task of a T-group is to study its own process." In its most stripped down form a T-Group, or training group, is nothing more than an accelerated version of any cluster of relationships in any sector of life. More specifically defined, it is a mock approach in learning how to deal with groups, what roles are taken, and what processes it goes through to become cohesive. The working definition and purpose of a T-group, given in Italics above, does hold true to its primary intention, but seems incomplete.From personal experience participating in a T-group, the study of its development while serving as the foremost function, is clearly affected and sometimes overwhelmed ...view middle of the document...

All theories which partake of the group fallacy have the unfortunate consequence of diverting attention from the true locus of cause and effect, namely the behavioral mechanism of the individual… If we take care of the individuals, psychologically speaking, the groups will be found to take care of themselves.This statement reinforces the idea of individual goals having a profound effect on the efficiency of the group. Having a collective aspiration to help everyone complete their goals is the primary function of a group. Whether or not the individual goals are given to each group member, or decided upon independently, the situation is the same. Meaning that different groups are assembled for different tasks. Our group was assembled to be a training group with the main point being to study our own development. Our individual goals were not assigned to us. We chose them. In other situations, a group leader or outside party may assign a different task to each of the group members to reach one specific goal. In either case though, the group is together so everyone can collectively help each other achieve their goals. Thus making the common goal to attain everyone's individual ones. An experience that compliments the comments above happened during the T-group conducted in our class. To fully explain this experience it is necessary to look back at our group time and recap, from the beginning, how this conclusion came about.Our first T-group experience began about an hour after we all first met. The instructions were simple: "You have been given a topic to discuss and the basic knowledge of what a T-group is. Let's begin, shall we?" At that, the room fell silent. You could slowly see each individual person scanning the room. Judging, obviously, everyone else. Of course, the only basis for opinion at that point was purely physical. At right about the 3-minute mark of silence Brenda, a woman in her mid twenty's began the discussion. "Breaking the ice" was clearly one of the harder parts of this whole situation and our first discussion, although interesting during a few points, was generally nervous. An immediate problem that was later brought up in conversation was that we never actually did proper introductions. Instead, we all felt the desire to dive right into the issue that had been assigned. Our topic of discussion was "Men & Women in Group Organizations." The first day, in both our large and small groups, for the most part was spent getting a feel for everyone in the group and their opinions.It was apparent from the beginning that there were people who were ready to talk. Among them: Brenda, Justin, Mark, Marsha, Tom, and Kent (myself). These people we will consider to be the most talkative according to the tally taken at the end of each class. Sparing the idea of giving a paragraph on each of us, everyone mentioned gave a serious effort at one point or another to either spark conversation or steer the group towards developing a goal.The...

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