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1. Isolationism is a term to used by a document or government policy that states
that a country will not take a roll in foreign affairs. Isolationism has been apart of the US
since the war for independence from Britain. Thomas Jefferson said we needed to avoid
“entangling alliances” with countries from Europe. Instead we wanted to avoid having
any relationship from the countries of Europe at all. This relationship carried on through
the gilded age. Industrial and economic growth began to boom in the gilded age.
Geographical isolationism with Europe contributed to the avoidance of “entangling
alliances” with Europe. America has never completely followed the policy of isolationism.
America has fought wars with Britain in 1812, Mexico in 1846, and Spain in 1898. These
were all unilateral conflicts and never broke the definition of isolationism setup in the
18th century. By the end of the century America had acquired Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and
the Philippines. Theodore Roosevelt’s corollary to the Monroe doctrine allowed America
to send troops to Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, and more. Taft’s focus on “dollar diplomacy” and
Roosevelt’s influence in other countries was slowly turning america into a non-isolated
country. Wilson had stated that we would be an isolationist country towards WWI but that
would soon change after the attack on the Lusitania by German U-boats. We began to
send troops to help with WWI. President Wilson would then present the treaty of
Versailles in 1919. This would begin to place a global partnership with countries,
basically ending isolationism in America. Finally after a peaceful years post WWI we
would begin to turn back to war and into foreign affairs with the beginning of WWII. THis
would begin with Germans invasion of poland. This invasion would not put America into
the war though. Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii would soon send us into the
deadliest war. - Cole Baker
2. Yes, US took Hawaii and Alaska in mid-19th century. America believed they deserve all
land and have major power to get that land, so yes this thought has continued into
present time. The Indians ended up losing their traditional way of life and were forced to
live on reservations instead. There will always be expansion due to vast natural
resources and ports along the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts expanded trade, key in
making America a superpower- Maeghan Walls
4. America was making a great effort to try to eliminate Plains Indians from the
great plains. Technological advancements were a large part to driving the indians out of
that area. The transcontinental railroad was finished in 1869 and it united the East and
West. This was bad for the Indians because it allowed white settlers to encroach on their
land. They could easily access there land by train instead of having to use a waggon and
go on a rugged trail. The land to make the railroad happen was virtually destroyed.
Leveling trees, and almost completely eliminating the American bison. This...

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