Actions Speak Louder Than Words English Literature Essay

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9 June, 2018
Assignment 1: Hamlet Journal Response
Actions Speak louder than words
Words are just words until they are backed by real actions. In the materialistic world, people tend to make fake promises and commitments and it has a little connection with reality. It is actually hard to find people who are trustworthy, reliable and do something that they committed to. Some people are good at making plans and generating ideas, but they fail at the business end of the process. That is, more words and less action. The secret to success in any field of life is action and implementation. Mere words and claims can never guarantee success to anybody.
The narrative that action speaks louder than is not just a wise man’s saying, rather it is backed up by examples in any field of life. For example, citizens of US claim to overcome the climate and energy problems by playing their role in reducing waste, conserving energy and ensuring a sustainable environment. But their words were not an ideal representation of their actions. For example, the 3rd report of Yale project notes that 88% of US citizens say that waste recycling at home is important, but only 51% of them do so. Similarly, 72% of US citizens say that it is good to use public transportation for a sustainable environment, but only 10% of them do so (REPORT, 2017). On the other hand, US President Donald Trump is a man of actions. Although his policies could be questionable, but he is active and implements decisions what he and his government seems justifiable.
Some concrete examples of the verdict that action speaks louder than words can be easily seen in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In the play, Claudius became the king of Denmark by killing his brother King Hamlet. He wanted to be a king and he succeeded in it because of his actions. Although the moral aspects can be discussed of Claudius actions, but here the importance of action and effort is relevant to us. Moreover, Hamlet in his reign showed how his actions and...

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