Activity Analysis Exploring Occupation Kings Activity

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Activity Analysis
Name of Activity: Making cookies
1. Time taken to complete / Timing / length of session / number of sessions
· Time taken for chocolate chip cookies approximately 65 minutes per session.
· Baking was undertaken in 3 sessions.
2. features of environment
· Activity was undertaken in the kitchen.
· Spacious worktop space to weigh ingredients and prepare the mixture.
· The temperature of the kitchen should be room temperature (about 18 -20 degrees), the recipe states some ingredients in the recipe should be at room temperature.
· An oven to bake the cookies.
· Bright lighting.
· Quiet environment.
· A sink
3. Brief description of the activity
Making chocolate chip cookies following a recipe, using listed ingredients from a recipe.
4. preparation before activity
· All ingredients need to be bought before carrying out the baking.
· Pre-heat the oven.
· Grease the baking tray before placing the cookies on it.
5. Appropriateness for different ages / sexes / cultural group
Children – 4 +
· Child needs to be able to Follow simple instructions.
· Be numerate although younger children could be supported by adult with this.
· Health and safety awareness of danger of gas – this part could be carried out by an adult
· A fun activity that helps to develop fine and gross motor skills.
· Boosts self-esteem and confidence when making a delicious cookie they can eat.
· Develops concentration.
· A way of spending quality time with parents.
Young adults
· Should be able to perform baking independently if they are numerate and can operate the oven safely.
· May encourage them to develop an interest in baking.
· Confidence building by independently producing cookies.
Adults / Older Adults
· Same as above
· Can help with depression and improving mood.
· Sharing cookies with others – promoting social interaction.
6. Equipment or resources required
· Large bowl
· Sieve
· wooden spoon
· weighing scales
· Baking tray
· Oven
· List of ingredients (butter, sugar, egg, flour and chocolate chips)
· Apron
· Cooling rack
7. Precautions / contraindications
· Maybe unsafe for those who are unaware of associated dangers when using an oven.
· Handling equipment such as knives and scissors may become hazardous – individuals who are prone to self-harm.
8. Stages of activity (individual tasks) in sequence
1. wash hands.
2. Pre-heat the oven.
3. weighing out ingredients correctly.
4. combining the ingredients to make the mixture.
5. divide mixture into small balls and place on a greased baking tray.
6. Bake cookies in the oven.
7. remove cookies and place on a cooling rack.
8. wash up equipment.
9. put away equipment.
9. Performance components;
a. Gross movements
· Reaching for ingredients when weighing ingredients and adding to mixture.
· Mixing the ingredients with a wooden spoon.
· Removing cookies from the oven to place on the cooling rack.
b. Fine movements
· Using fingers to make small balls...

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