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Activity 3.2 First Posting – Online discussion
Activity 3.2: First Posting – Online
Marks due: 15
Due date: 24 August 2018 before 22:00
1)  Open the assignment
4) Now complete the task.
6) Once you have done this, please SAVE your task. Remember to save your e-portfolio under your surname, name and student number.
7) Now upload your entire e-portfolio as an attachment (where you found the task) and click on SAVE AND SUBMIT when you are ready to submit.
8) If you need help, raise your hand!
This week you are going to submit your first online posting.
You need to do three things here:
1) You, first, need to open the discussion board link for the topic that you have chosen.
Create a new thread and post your first message.
· Make sure it is well researched and edited.
· It needs to be at least two paragraphs long (8 – 12 lines each).
· Remember to include both in-text referencing and a reference list.
2) Once you have done this, you need to copy and paste your first posting into the space below and submit this as an assignment. If you do not submit the post as an assignment, you cannot get marks for it. In other words, the post must appear on the discussion board and in this task.
3) You must complete the self-assessment rubric that can be found below. You must do this by reflecting on your post and then deciding how well you have completed each of the assessment criteria, explaining why you gave yourself the mark you did. This is a compulsory aspect of this task.
Paste your original post in the space below:
1) Developing a clear argument and having a clear stance/position
2) Avoiding fallacies
3) Demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic being discussed
Self-Assessment Rubric
In this rubric, you are going to critically assess your own progress in respect of the three desired outcomes as given above.
Your tutor/facilitator/lecturer will provide feedback on this assessment and give marks accordingly.
Choose the characteristic that you MOST agree with. Be honest with yourself. In that way, when your tutor assesses your rubric, you can most benefit from their feedback. To assess yourself too high or too low does NOT benefit you at all.
Carefully read the characteristics and highlight or underline those that you are certain about. Then give yourself a mark from the rubric and motivate why you deserve that mark.
Topic of discussion:
Developing a clear argument
My discussion is driven by clearly stated, defensible argument on the topic. I used sufficient data to defend the argument, and the data is accurately interpreted to identify other sources’ position within a larger scientific environment. Personal experiences and knowledge are examined thoughtfully and critically to identify significance of all social factors and support the m...

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