Addicted To Dance The Love Of My Life Ap Lang And Comp Essay

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Kendal Suchanek
September 24, 2018
Ap Lang and Comp
It’s guilty desire, something you could not live without. You never can have enough, never will you be fulfilled. Addiction, it’s a love hate relationship. As convincing as it sounds, putting my life on the line, shooting god knows what in my arms, I truly consider that dancing a my drug running through my body. Never will I get enough. Would it be immoral to say dancing is my life? For as long as I can recall, I’ve been pointing my toes, dancing at the barre, counting 5-6-7-8. Dance has always been my passion. Maybe it's the way the dancer controls his/her body to execute each move flawlessly that intrigues me.  Or it could be the smile on my face that says I am in love with what I do. Dancing is one of my biggest desires.  When I dance, everything clears from my mind and I'm in a totally different world. Being a dancer, I have to reach deep inside myself and find a very different person, and then express that person. It’s my addiction. It’s my guilty desire. It’s my whole life.
Dance, as Google describes it, is to move rhythmically to music, typically to a set sequence of steps. To me, dance is music the body makes. Dancing is like a mystery book. Every dance is a story, each movement is a chapter, each step a sentence. When I step on stage it’s like opening the front cover. The first breath I take as I begin to dance shows the murder scene, the friends of the victim, and where it all happened All that within seconds. I become a character you begin to know and love, emotionally and physically. You’ve opened the book, gotten to know the characters and plot. You’re towards the middle of the book where everything happens all at once, within seconds. In this particular part of the dance, you’ll see groups of dancers all dancing scenes in parts of the story. You begin to put the pieces together. You then hit the climax; the biggest movement in the whole dance will happen here, the featured dancer will die. One of the fellow dancers will be “the one who did the deed”. The finishing pose is the murder arrest. Usually if it is this kind of dance the “murder” and the “victim” will be the only dancers...

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