Adidas Hr Strategy Overview Of Hr Strategy At Adidas Human Resource Management Essay

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Strategy of managing human resource refers to the how ADIDAS treat and manage the employees. With the strategies ADIDAS able to maintain the loyal of employees to the ADIDAS and the willingness of employees to do the hard job in order to enhance the productivity of the organisation. Furthermore, employees are the internal customer of ADIDAS. So, ADIDAS need to satisfies the employees before satisfies the external customer. External customers refer to the people that purchase the product produce by ADIDAS. When the internal customers of the organisation satisfies the treatment of the organisation the external customers also will satisfies the product of ADIDAS. The next part of this assignment will discuss the strategies that ADIDAS use.
2.1) Talent management
Talent management refers to retain the employee in the ADIDAS. So, ADIDAS use this strategy to develop the old employees that have the opportunities to their career. By using this strategy ADIDAS able to hold the quality employees stay in the organisation and built up the loyalty of the employees. Besides that, talent management also include recruitment. Recruitment refers to the process of recruit and selecting the qualified new people that in order fit to the job
2.2) Employee-oriented leadership
Employee-oriented leadership refers to the communication between the manager and the subordinates. By using this strategy ADIDAS able to know the employees need and want. This is because this strategy consists of employee feedback system. Employee’s feedback system refers to the satisfaction level of the employees to the job. The employees are the internal customers of the organisation, when the employees satisfy their job the productivity of the organisation will automatically increase. This is because the organisation given a good environment to the employees in order to satisfy the employees and the employees will do the hard job to the organisation to as the repay to the organisation.
2.3) Remuneration
Remuneration means the salary of the employees get month by month. The salary related to market requirement and performance level. That means ADIDAS set the salary according with market requirement and performance level. The ADIDAS on time pay the salaries in order to give the good reputation of the organisation. When the organisation do not delay paid the salaries to the employees the employees will loyal to the organisation this is because the employees will feel the safety in the organisation to work.
2.4) Bonus
In ADIDAS the remuneration consists of bonus. In ADIDAS the individual performance will related to the remuneration. Bonus means the company pay extra money to the employees to motivate the employees. The main purpose of given bonus is to motivate the employees. Motivation is psychological process giving behaviour purpose and direction (Kreitner,2009, p.369 ). By given the bonus the employees will put more effort and hardship to the job.
2.5) Long-term incentive programmes (LTIP)...

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