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Adult Learning Styles Paper

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Introduction.When learning anything as an adult, a person can start to question themselves as to whether they can still learn. The adult learner is different because they participate actively, using past experiences and pool resources between mentor and apprentice. Knowing how each individual learns will be the key to their success when returning to school or learning a new task at work. There are three basic types of learning styles, visual learners, tactile learners, and auditory learners.Tactile learners have certain character traits that can be recognized by others. They are found holding or twirling a pen in a classroom setting. They often communicate through body movements. Tactile learners usually have great balance and are often found in sporting events. Tactile learners prefer activities where they can be "hand on". Tactile learners will unassembled an item to see how it works and them assemble it back. Simply put tactile learners will learn by doing the activities. Tactile ...view middle of the document...

She is employed by Cross Country Automotive Services as an Assistant Program Manager in the Kia Consumer Affairs office. She has worked there over 5 years. She has identified her adult learning style as a tactile learner. Tactile learners are people who learn best by doing. These learners rely on touch, taste, smell, and feelings to learn well. Tactile learners often take notes during a lecture, but never look at them again. Learning is based on how the individual brain processes information and the environment provided to learn this information in. Tactile learners are best when actively leaning. They like to learn while moving around and usually will focus better when they are active. They find learning is difficult if they have to sit still for extended periods of time. Tactile learners need to practice or do what they are learning to be successful in learning. Tactile learners are often found in jobs that where they can work with their hands. Many athletes are tactile learners. Tactile learners do not like to sit in a classroom where they simply read or listen to an instructor. They prefer to have activities or projects in class. Tactile learners often find it difficult to get organized (soft_med. 2005).(One relation between adult learning and motivation) Communication methods can also be an obstacle to learning adult's motivation. Communication styles have to a great extent changed from when most adult learners have attended a conventional school. In high school, communication consisted of written assignments and occasional speech. Assignment used to be a book report and now an assignment is usually a power point presentation with outline and APA formed term papers. For adults to stay motivated to learn it is important for them to know their learning style and communication style. The many different communication styles could lead to conflict among learning team members, but as adult learners, they should be able to manage any conflict on their own. As long as the adult learners are accountable for supervising their own actions, the learning team environment will remain calm and rewarding (Businesstown.2005) 2005. Three Types of Learning. Retrieved from websiteon 6/10/ 2005. Retreived from website on 6/10/2005.

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