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The advantages of utilizing the World Wide WebOfficially, electronic commerce is "Electronic Commerce is the paperless exchange of goods or services through the use of electronic data". Today, the more typical definition of e-commerce is "To sell goods or services on the web" (Web Transitions, Inc, 2004). Some of the benefits of using the World Wide Web are:* No time or distance barrier- customers can log onto the internet at anytime, day or night. They are able to purchase the product with a click of the mouse.* Cheapest means of doing business- there is no need for travel, face-to-face sales and the amount of money to invest is minimal.* Virtually eliminates processing errors- the customer is able to double check their orders, plus there is less documentation to be filled out, therefore less errors will be made.* Faster and more convenient for the visitor- the direct cost-for-sale over the internet is lower and there is no retail store or paper-based transaction. This makes it more convenient for the customer to do their business via the internet.* Helps reduce the delivery time- through the internet transactions are instantaneous. Errors can be quickly found and eliminated. It eliminates the document preparation phase and the product can be shipped faster.* Reducing strain on other resources- by using e-commerce we will be able to utilize our resources in other departments. It saves time that was used to complete the business process which will allow our sales staff to begin an outreach program with other countries (, 2004).From the buyer's perspective also ecommerce offers a lot of tangible advantages, some of these are:- Reduction in buyer's sorting out time- the visitor is able to search the website in order to find the exact product they wish to purchase.- Better buyer decisions- by being able to compare products, the customer can make smarter decisions about their product of choice.- Less time is spent in resolving invoice and order discrepancies- the less paperwork that is involved the better, this eliminates errors. The customer is able to inspect their order online before finalizing the purchase, therefore they are able to correct any discrepancies, such as address and telephone number, before submitting the order.- Increased opportunities for buying alternative products- because they are able to see other products they can compare them and compare the prices (, 2004).Some other advantages for buyers include:The ability to build an order over several daysthe ability to configure products and see actual pricesthe ability to easily build complicated custom ordersthe ability to search large catalogs easilyHow this will meet company goalsT&F's goals are to increase the revenue growth rate and get into the international market.Lower transaction costsLarger purchases per transactionImprove customer relations24/7 operationIntegration into the business cycle - A Web site that is well-integra...


E-Commerce Means Death Of Mass Marketing

1498 words - 6 pages Executive Summary:a. what is e-commerce?b. what is mass-marketing?Connection mass-marketing with e-commerceMass marketing dying today:a. mass marketing means the process in the pastb. new technologies:- internet: all information are there- the range of activities users undertake onlinec. mass marketing fraud todayOpportunities in both: the business-to-consumer and business-to-business onlineRecommendations for mass-marketing


3388 words - 14 pages electronic marketplaces where suppliers and potential customers are brought together to conduct mutually beneficial trade.Dazzling Jewelry has a good e-commerce plan that has reaped benefits for them, but there is still room for improvement. The future of business will center on how they market themselves using e-commerce. The company realizes the advantages of having an online presence and therefore has invested its resources into its website to

How E-Commerce Capabilities Have Affected International Business

3014 words - 13 pages when the effort outweighs the advantages. As with your home you usually stop adding security features when you feel safe. Making a customer feel safe is what is important in doing business on the Internet. Even though no one can guarantee 100% security of transferring financial information over the Internet, e-commerce is still safer than using credit cards at an actual store or restaurant, or paying for something with the use of a 1-800 number

E-Commerce. The Advancements In E-Commerce. Is It Really Working? The Affects. Has It Been Working In The Past?

1397 words - 6 pages As our economy evolves, new means of conducting and creating business are being explored. The newest discovery, e-commerce, has given the world the ability to conduct business over the internet. E-Commerce, or Electronic Commerce, is a general term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. This covers a range of different types of businesses, from consumer-based retail

Amazon.Com Case Study

5505 words - 23 pages easier opportunities to enter new markets, in terms of products and countries, or to find new business partners. (Manager Magazine, 2003) Companies with first mover advantages, such as or, can offer their market expertise to third parties just like is offering "Amazon service". (E-business strategies, 2001)Threats - The increasing competition on the e-commerce market leads to continuously increasing

Transnational and Global Assignment

346 words - 2 pages Free '. Different time zones around the World can make it difficult for members from Australia to speak to someone in the America; this therefore restricts the extent of available communication between members.All these factors are just some of the influences on a global and transnational community. There are many types of global and transnational communities, with various purposes. Some examples would be:e-Bay - global e-commerce siteNapster - global file sharing communityGlobal communities have many reasons for existence, weather personal, or business. The main aim of these communities is to make their resources available to a larger network of people.

Implementing E-commerce to Improve Small and Medium Sized Enterprises’ Development - school - Research papper

1857 words - 8 pages Free 1 Bautista Alba Bautista Dr. Sara Beam ENGL 1033-08 Argumentative Essay Final Draft 19 April 2018 Implementing E-commerce to Improve Small and Medium Sized Enterprises’ Development Digital technology helps the growth of those companies that are just beginning to venture into their respective industry. Investing in digital technology and development teams allow improving each of the company's processes. These contribute more value to the

Electronic Contracting

321 words - 2 pages What will the long-term impact of electronic contracting be on the nation's business? The impact of electronic contracting is the enforceability of the contract. Since the federal government enacted the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (Electronic Signature..., 2001) which make electronic contracts as enforceable as a paper contract that is signed by all parties. The ease of completing most electronic contracts will


326 words - 2 pages number of challenges in order to sustain the growth momentum, one of which is the need to develop more overseas markets like China and other parts of Asia.Moreover, the growth of Internet application and e-commerce has changed the requirements of software development from code programming that earned the Indian IT sector early recognition to more high value-added activities.Such high valued-added activities include designing web-based e-commerce/m

Analysis of an E-business

265 words - 2 pages This project investigates the web based business of a well known Canadian based retailer, The main objective of the Futureshop e-commerce website is to be at an international level of business and to enhance its marketing capabilities. Our team analyzed the website of Futureshop. This company's presence on the web was established in 1995 and represents a reflection of all goods and services delivered by Futureshop to its

Strategic Evaluation and Recommendations - University of Phoenix/STR581 - Assignment

1902 words - 8 pages global logistics. These executives with their combine expertise can possibly push Big Lots e-commerce platform begun the company’s expectations. They can surely aid in making Big Lots more competitive in this segment. Conclusion For Big Lots to continue with its success and maintain their competitive advantages, the company must review, monitor, and evaluate areas that are both deficient and doing well on a constant basis. Reviewing, monitoring

Supply Chain Paper

1303 words - 6 pages greatest potential collaborative supply chain planning and execution needs to see beyond auctions and procurement possibilities. In any case businesses will now have to contend with eBusiness and eMarkets as their way to sustaining a business in the long haul.ReferencesSchneider, G. (2004). Electronic Commerce: The Second Wave, 5th ed., Boston, MA:Course Technology. Retrieved September 25, 2007, from University of Phoenix, Resource, EBUS400- E-Business

websites cycle

636 words - 3 pages ASSIGNMENT 1To establish an e-commerce site, there are many requirements need to be fulfilled. The main areas need to be considered will be:Human resources and organizational capabilitiesHardwareSoftwareTelecommunicationsSite designWEB SITE SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLEFigure 4.2, page 203Prior to building a website, the two most important management challenges are:-Developing a clear understanding of business objectivesKnowing how to choose

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2475 words - 10 pages -800-FLOWERS.COM and By taking the advantages of technological development, company has always being the first in utilizing it. Company has introduced mobile commerce, marketing through media platform like Facebook, twitter and google+ etc. In order to increase the floral sales they have come up with a one-step solution for all kind of gifts by updating with confectionaries, gourmet products, popcorn related products, wine tasting

Personal Perpective about E_Commerce - FIU - Research Paper

2624 words - 11 pages 1. Write down in your own words, and, using examples such as, Craigslist, Facebook stores (store.fb) etc. how social shopping (i.e., e-commerce using social networks) is different from regular e-commerce stores that do not have a social-network component to it. You could compare and contrast both approaches. Clue: Use the concepts of network effects, social strength-of-ties, etc. Limit: Answer should not exceed 20 lines in total. Social