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Advertisement Essay

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Print ads give the advertiser the opportunity to inform, to persuade and to educate in a much more complex but virtually less exciting way than does the television ad. All ads must use certain techniques to gain attention, create a desire and tell how the desire may be satisfied. The Microsoft computer ad which is aimed at businessmen and women uses techniques such as symbolism, persuasion and the techniques to gain attention.Symbolism is one of the techniques which create interest in an advertisement. In the advertisement of the Microsoft computer the image of the father\son symbolizes that these computers bring families together. This is clearly evident in the quote " sure I am still working, but I am also around a lot more". The significance of this quote is that it makes the target audience feel that if they buy ...view middle of the document...

Most adverts rely on the techniques of persuasion in order to position and persuade its target audience. The information used in the advert itself is a persuasive technique and depending on the target audience, focuses on a product selling point. "Microsoft advertisement" aims towards businessmen and women. We know this because, from the information provided, advertisement signifies on how Microsoft computer can make life easier for you. This is clearly evident in the body copy. "Whatever you want from a computer Microsoft new home and office packs make sure you get it in a single intelligent easy to use package". The words "easy" and "make sure" suggest that Microsoft works is very reliable and that the target audience should believe that it definitely makes it easy to use. Therefore we can say that the ad uses persuasive language to sell its products. From all the information put together we know that this is targeted towards businessmen and women, also the ad wants us to have computers which are easy to use.In and advertisement the most important factor is to gain the viewer attention. To provide us with that Microsoft word computer advertisement uses the factors of size of the advertisement and the heading. The size of the advertise plays a major role in attracting the target audience, the bigger the ad the more likely it is to be noticed. In this case the Microsoft computer ad took up a whole page making it clear and easy to read. When we look at the ad the first thing that catches our eyes is the sentence "What you really want from a computer". It is written in big bold letters and positioned in the middles of the page. The significance of the of the writing in bold is that it grabs attention, creates desire, indicates the target audience and encourages the reader to look for information.Therefore the ad uses certain techniques to draw attention from the reader. The ad has positioned and persuaded the audience into buying the product.

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