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Print ads give the advertiser the opportunity to inform, to persuade and to educate in a much more complex but virtually less exciting way than does the television ad. All ads must use certain techniques to gain attention, create a desire and tell how the desire may be satisfied. The Microsoft computer ad which is aimed at businessmen and women uses techniques such as symbolism, persuasion and the techniques to gain attention.Symbolism is one of the techniques which create interest in an advertisement. In the advertisement of the Microsoft computer the image of the father\son symbolizes that these computers bring families together. This is clearly evident in the quote " sure I am still working, but I am also around a lot more". The significance of this quote is that it makes the target audience feel that if they ...view middle of the document...

Most adverts rely on the techniques of persuasion in order to position and persuade its target audience. The information used in the advert itself is a persuasive technique and depending on the target audience, focuses on a product selling point. "Microsoft advertisement" aims towards businessmen and women. We know this because, from the information provided, advertisement signifies on how Microsoft computer can make life easier for you. This is clearly evident in the body copy. "Whatever you want from a computer Microsoft new home and office packs make sure you get it in a single intelligent easy to use package". The words "easy" and "make sure" suggest that Microsoft works is very reliable and that the target audience should believe that it definitely makes it easy to use. Therefore we can say that the ad uses persuasive language to sell its products. From all the information put together we know that this is targeted towards businessmen and women, also the ad wants us to have computers which are easy to use.In and advertisement the most important factor is to gain the viewer attention. To provide us with that Microsoft word computer advertisement uses the factors of size of the advertisement and the heading. The size of the advertise plays a major role in attracting the target audience, the bigger the ad the more likely it is to be noticed. In this case the Microsoft computer ad took up a whole page making it clear and easy to read. When we look at the ad the first thing that catches our eyes is the sentence "What you really want from a computer". It is written in big bold letters and positioned in the middles of the page. The significance of the of the writing in bold is that it grabs attention, creates desire, indicates the target audience and encourages the reader to look for information.Therefore the ad uses certain techniques to draw attention from the reader. The ad has positioned and persuaded the audience into buying the product.


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1026 words - 5 pages Advertising is a form of mass selling employed when the use of direct person to person selling is ineffective (History of Advertisement). There are many ways the media use to sell their products. Different companies' uses different method, but they are all aiming at a certain group of people. My advertisement was found in the September edition of Lucky. Lucky is the shopping magazine of a normal teenager. This is the magazine that they go to

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568 words - 3 pages Gentlewoman The print advertisement is created by TBWA for the Women's Chess Olympiad Team, called Equipo Olímpico Kuña Arandu, of Paraguay. The full page ad depicts four dapperly dressed women wearing suits as they play a game of chess inside a regal private library. Dark mahogany shelves line the walls of the library from floor to ceiling. The shelves are lined with books which sets an elegant backdrop for the women. The bottom half of the

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769 words - 4 pages Free When looking at an advertisement of a doll with a bullet hole in her forehead, I was immediately struck with a feeling of sadness for the brutality the picture represents. It was disturbing to see such cruelty. The advertisement emphasizes innocence and shows how violence destroys.Through the picture of the doll, the advertisement gives the reader the impression of an innocent baby. The color pink is usually associated with innocence. By using

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940 words - 4 pages 1 Huggies Diapers are the Best Fit Advertising is what makes or breaks a product. Without an attractive advertisement the product will not catch a consumers attention. This advertisement appeals to parents in general because both mothers and fathers will be using this product on their own children. Huggies Diapers are comfortable for a variety of ages, are a dependable product that is apart of a very successful long time company, and will be the

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601 words - 3 pages Wood 1 Leyna Wood Ramshaw English 101 19 September 2018 Heads Will Turn Have you ever walked into a place and made everyone’s head turn? Moral Code’s advertisement features their “premium footwear for the modern gentleman” and implies that heads will turn. Although it seems like the shoes are available to everyone, the use of the word “gentleman” says otherwise. The bar is used as a setting to give the audience a sense of how old the male model

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986 words - 4 pages color are viewed as deviant and are pushed in the background. Both the written text and visual image of the ad are designed to use these social attitudes to attract the consumer, as well as to sell its product. Since the target viewers of this advertisement are males between the ages of 18-35, and the male (who happens to appear to be between the ages of 18-35) is the dominant character of the three in the illustration, the reader is able to relate to him and will, therefore, feel empowered and want to buy the product assuming that in doing so, this illustrated fantasy will become his reality.

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898 words - 4 pages Sai Nikhil Naru Professor Brenner ENGL 104-520 12 Feb 2018 Pixel Perfect In our current technology driven world, cellular devices are a must have item for millions of people because of the population’s increasing dependence on technology. According to a survey by eMarketer almost 62.9 percent of the world owns a phone. This means that most people are faced with the excruciating decision of what phone they should buy. With all these options

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421 words - 2 pages When finds themselves on the Internet, they must realize that become a target market. There are marketers who can pinpoint your actions throughout the web. Just as easily you are able to find what you want on the Internet, the Internet is able personalize to you. The way that they do this is through the advertising banners that pop up every time you visit a site. If you have been on the Internet you have seen an advertisement banner. This is how

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409 words - 2 pages Its advertisement shows that Skyy Vodka can cross gender, class, and generation. The promotion crosses genders. A woman is a center, garnering all of the attention of the ad, appearing desirable; a man is pulled in from the side by the woman, making him hot by association. The advertisement creates an elitism desirability due to several factors, including the fancy clothing, glass wear, and movie camera that the elite already possesses and the

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349 words - 2 pages To create the necessary illusion of superiority, advertisers usually resort to different basic techniques. In this advertisement we are being asked to believe that this shampoo, Head and Shoulders, will stop dandruff. There is no definite evidence that proves that Head and Shoulders will completely stop dandruff. In this advertisement there are words or claims that appear substantial upon first look but disintegrate into hollow meaninglessness

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862 words - 4 pages The purpose of the advertising is to persuade people to purchase the product or service. My advertisement for Basketball shoes is pitched for high income earners who like to play basketball or those at the peak of their playing performance and just want to simply improve their playing performance. It would be placed in a colored magazine such as the XXL National Basketball League Magazine, or other sports Magazines, because this paper has very

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526 words - 3 pages Media Topics 4. The target audience of my magazine advertisement is for everyone, but mostly for people at around seven years old and up. To inform the ones who understand that straws, plastic in general, is harming and killing our wildlife. Our wildlife has not harmed us as bad as we are harming them and that makes no sense, some of them even learn to love us and trust us. And we hurt them. The colouring is very neutral and simple. With a pop


302 words - 2 pages . The advertisement that generally appeal to me are those that stand out.Usually the ones that do stand out are those that are very bright, or have a reputable product being marketed. But most of all I am immediately drawn into those that use celebrities.Garnier hair products has kicked off a new campaign and my favorite, Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) is their pick. This advertisement is filled with very light colors that softly envelop her face

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393 words - 2 pages sentence mood creates a down to earth statement along with factual statements which tell the reader the exact information the company wants them to know about, this gives the reader an idea of what the companies positive attributes are. Throughout Text A there is a lexical field of financial words, which are used to extend the purpose of their advertisement. Words like savings, assurance and investment are all used among many other words in order


390 words - 2 pages Jet was not a winning prize because of value and ongoing jokes throughout the advertisement. "A basic rule of contracts holds that whether an offer has been made depends on the objective reasonableness of the alleged offeree's belief that the advertisement or solicitation was intended as an offer." (Opinion & Order). But in a unilateral contract, there is only an agreement on one side. In this contract, the Pepsi company and the winner are