Advertisement Paper For English 101 Class At Santa Ana College - SAC English 101 - Essay

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Wood 1
Leyna Wood
English 101
19 September 2018
Heads Will Turn
Have you ever walked into a place and made everyone’s head turn? Moral Code’s
advertisement features their “premium footwear for the modern gentleman” and implies that
heads will turn. Although it seems like the shoes are available to everyone, the use of the word
“gentleman” says otherwise. The bar is used as a setting to give the audience a sense of how old
the male model is. Younger to middle aged men in the higher social class that can afford to
purchase these pricey dress shoes are targeted. The advertisements effectiveness relies on
capturing people's attention every time you enter a room, making an entrance even when leaving,
and a proper image that the owner of the shoes should look like.
The advertisement uses a catchy slogan to appeal to its viewers. It implies that anyone
who wears these shoes will be noticed. Moral Code’s phrase, “Make an entrance even when
leaving” makes the ad memorable and creates confusion for the audience. How can an entrance
be made when leaving? It is impossible to enter while exiting; however, these classy shoes
achieve the impossible. His shiny brown shoes with a hard, black sole make a knocking noise
while moving across the marble tiled floor, causing people to stare. He will be heard when he
enters and leaves the bar. Men and women will notice him as he picks up his feet and puts them
down for the next step. Everywhere he goes, the male model will be seen.
Wood 2
This male model exemplifies a modern gentleman sitting at a modern bar while being
viewed as cool, calm, and collected. His cocktail red sweater accompanied by the jet black coat
gives the image a pop of color and instantly grabs ...

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