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Huggies Diapers are the Best Fit
Advertising is what makes or breaks a product. Without an attractive advertisement the product
will not catch a consumers attention. This advertisement appeals to parents in general because both
mothers and fathers will be using this product on their own children. Huggies Diapers are comfortable for
a variety of ages, are a dependable product that is apart of a very successful long time company, and will
be the best fit for your child. The image of the advertisement displays how this baby is smiling and happy
while using this product, and also how the mother is smiling knowing her baby is well taken care of. This
advertisement also puts a great emphasis by bolding, having a large size, and centering “Find your baby’s
best fit” which pulls in multiple types of consumers immediately. This shows a great example of how an
advertisement can draw a consumer in and hold their attention in order to then have them purchase the
The main goal of an advertisement is to sway the consumer into buying a product and one of the
key reasons a consumer will buy a product or not is if they are pulled into a purchase by a creative
advertisement that will capture their attention. This advertisement is on Huggies diapers, this is a strong
example of how an image can grab and then hold our attention. This advertisements focus is to “Find your
baby’s best fit” (Huggies). In the advertisement the consumer is attracted to this particular style mainly
because of the focal point or main image. This advertisement uses a picture of a baby and mother both
smiling at one another as their image to capture a consumers attention. The baby is happily smiling while
using this brand of diapers, and the mother is also showing how happy she is herself by smiling knowing
that her child is well taken care of. When welcoming a new baby into the family, new parents want the
best fit for their baby. The baby industry is filled with hundreds of different brands with a huge variety of
products. A big item, and an essential item for all, of course is diapers. Diaper companies are very
competitive, but Huggies is one of the top leading brands. Huggies Plus diapers are their most absorbent,
giving your baby great protection at every little moment. They also pair with Huggies Natural Care Plus
Wipes so you can have a complete gentle clean feeling all around. A variety of ages are in need of diapers
to use, there for this advertisement is drawing in multiple different types of consumers for their product.
This advertisements different consumers that it targets are pregnant women, infants and babies,
toddlers and preschoolers. For those women who are preparing for having a child they want to see
positive facts and reviews on ads that attract them to the product in the first place. “From baby’s...

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