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Analysis of Genre of Computer Brand Commercials Computer brand commercials have always been a useful tool for our tech industry to persuade and influence America. This brand of commercials has always been a perfect example of how the tech industry has influenced our lives socially and mentally. These commercials depict every company's marketing strategy to stay successful by not just bringing what customers need, but a cutting edge technology that not only satisfies the customers and also effects their lives to great extent. Apple, a computer manufacturing company, belongs to a category of such companies who have continued their efforts to develop cutting edge technology ...view middle of the document...

January 1984 was the month when the tech world witnessed the first glorious anniversary of the information purification. This appeal signifies Apple as a group of people who think differently and also presents Apple's drive to symbolize itself as a pioneer. This message was also visible in another commercial aired in 1999. The commercial starts by showing several famous individuals who achieved perfection and success. It portrays them as individuals who are crazy enough to change the world and in fact are the ones who do. These are the individuals that can never be ignored because they change things and push the human race forward. This commercial uses famous achievers to symbolize people who are the rebels, who are crazy enough to be unique and good enough to change the world. This brought a connection between such great individuals and Apple, which also stands for same cause. These commercials signify how an individual with good character and personality can influence a society. Its people Khan3 like Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King JR and more that made this world a better place for us. They are in fact ideal individuals to follow because they make us what we are. These commercials have used logic and character to influence the audience. This use of character and logic tends to persuade the audience to be different and makes them realize the importance of our existence. Apple has not just used character to influence its audience, but it has also used its marketing strategy to influence America. Apple's drive to develop cutting edge technology has been tremendous. Some T.V commercials have depicted this drive in many ways. A T.V commercial aired in 1999 presented Apple's new Ibook. This commercial showed the new Ibook as a perfect machine for any individual. It showed this amazing machine as a perfect tool for making movies, burning CD's and even developing thousands of digital photos. It even indicated that this amazing machine could help organize our lives and make it simpler. This commercial is a perfect example of Apple's marketing strategy to stay competitive in the market. This strategy makes the audience realize that this piece of technology can be an important part of their lives. This commercial was another symbol of how Apple is continuing to devote itself in creating superior technology. The commercial's ability to persuade the audience by means of logical reasoning increases its potential. It's quite logical that a product with such diverse features and capabilities would be a buyer's choice. Khan4 Apple's drive to gain its buyer's trust and develop a better technology has been repeatedly presented in other commercials as well. Even though each commercial presents a totally different product, the mess...


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552 words - 3 pages Slide 1 Good afternoon, my name is Rayyan and I will be analyzing how sexism in advertisements has portrayed women and how it changed throughout the years . Sexism included advertisements dates far back as the 1950s and I will be presenting the sexist advertisements in chronological order starting from the 1950s to modern time. Slide 2 To start of, advertising may influence behavior through, seducing, shaping social reality, and simply creating

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1278 words - 6 pages Southwest Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the United States. It is operating more than 2,100 flights per day and carrying over 44 million passengers a year to 50 different cities all over the United States (Cohan, 2003). Southwest is very well known for its best on-time record, best baggage handling, and gets the least customer complaints in the airline industry.When Southwest Airline uses the word "love" or "luv" as a marketing approach

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281 words - 2 pages advertising sectors. These parts can be compared and contrasted according to some different criteria.A first criterion is appearance of advertisements. In both sectors, people who deal with this business use interesting ways to affect consumers. For example, newspapers and billboards are made very colourful for this reason. And also televisions apply this process.The second one is about their animations. Television channels and some billboards benefit from

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421 words - 2 pages websites make their money. Companies pay frequently visited websites post their advertisements so all you have to do is click on the advertisement and it automatically takes you there. The question that I propose is: Does Internet advertisement have any influence on the user? The website that I went to which is a site that I visit quite often. The advertisement banner initially popped up was an advertisement for Columbia

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1126 words - 5 pages required to create the advertisements for your product/company. You must include advertisements in the following forms: · TV commercial · Print advert · Radio advert · Poster You should take care to ensure that your adverts are done ‘professionally’, with detail, and with the ultimate goal of selling your product. This will be worth 30% of your term total. Due by Friday May 19, week 5. Assessment #2 Rubric Criteria Low Medium High Very High

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997 words - 4 pages The average individual is exposed to about 5,000 advertisements per day. In a world where we are constantly surrounded by billboards, commercials, magazines, and fashion advertisements, it is safe to say that media has a huge impact on our society and daily lives. Whether you are browsing through the internet or walking down the street, you can not simply scape advertisements. It is the norm to see amazingly beautiful models with slim bodies

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1273 words - 6 pages Cosmetic surgery should be banned in South Korea Cosmetic surgery in South Korea is very common. Both men and women do plastic surgery. Many South Korean do plastic surgery was advertisements for various cosmetic surgery were posted everywhere like people could saw the advertisements for cosmetic surgery when walking in the streets, the posters posted on bus, taxi, etc. and when people were waiting for train in underground stations, they could

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1085 words - 5 pages have to look like in the Victoria Secret commercials and many other advertisements that have to do not only with a women body shape but with the way that they have to act. When companies advertise their products, most of the time, they advertise women as skinny, tall and with some kind of facial features, like color eyes and small nose. Also, most of the models wear makeup and are dressed some kind of way. This mentality that society has created

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469 words - 2 pages regarding how the media can affect children's health. According to her research, children watch around 10,000 food advertisements per year on television. The majority of these advertisements are for junk food and fast food. Only 2% of the commercials they watch are for healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Childhood obesity is one example of how these commercials can affect young children in our society. Many of these children have had at least

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1732 words - 7 pages Cook 2 Charles Cook Professor Carlisle ENC 1101 30 April 2018 Food Advertising Effects on the Youth Major food and drink companies in America have recognized the youth as their dominant market target. This being the case, children are targeted by money hungry food companies and advertisers. Some advertisements trick the consumer into thinking they’re investing in a healthier lifestyle, when the advertisement is made to trick you into thinking

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649 words - 3 pages advertisements. As Katz writes the ads are full of depictions of dangerous looking men. He points out the bidirectional relationship between advertisements and other socially accepted events such as sports and movies. Advertisements are filled with dangerous looking violent sports men or movie stars and on the other hand the movies or sports events display ads containing the same violent men, enhancing the impact these ads have on the white middle

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558 words - 3 pages Energy drinks have become a very popular drink beverage or drink supplement in today's society particularly with the younger generation. With clever marketing commercials and advertisements regarding energy drinks, youth's of today have reshaped the market trends motivated by the economy. New trends in fashion such as t-shirts, footwear and so on due to marketing, have an influence on the way individuals spend his or her money. The business

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483 words - 2 pages : misleading and deceptive understanding, unethical conduct, misrepresenting the contents of the product, unfair trade practices and false claims regarding goods and services. Even though consumer protection law makes it illegal to advertise misleading information There are a variety of methods to go around this act which many third-party sellers and retailers use which are: Fine print, Before and after advertisements, Tests and surveys and

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1251 words - 6 pages way bad nourishment is appeared to the general population is through advertisements, for example, all name brand cereals, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Coca Cola. The production companies use advertisements to advance the item they are pitching to the future purchasers. Fast food marketers would pay huge amounts of money and do absolutely anything to advertise their junk food. Their main target is the children as they are easy to manipulate and are the

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416 words - 2 pages products and how the benefits of their products are hyperbolised. In addition, " The Onion" shows how companies use scientific sounding jargon to make consumers want to purchase their products by enhancing the extent to which they sell products. The jargon of " The Onion" makes marketing techniques appear false by constantly repeating the word " pseudoscience" in order to make the scientific " facts" given by the advertisements of companies appear