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AbstractGeneral Motors Corporation achieved $186,800,000,000 in revenue for the year 2002. The internationally acclaimed automobile giant approaches the advertising efforts of its numerous brands on every imaginable front. From television, with over 10,000 commercials per week beamed to American households to magazines, newspapers to billboards, sporting events to concerts, game shows to reality shows and musical lyrics to monster trucks, General Motors Corporation spends $2.14 billion dollars on advertising and marketing definitely has the resources and ability to bring any of its products to the consumer forefront. GM's Hummer's H2, Chevy Trucks and the new Saturn VUE sport utility vehi ...view middle of the document...

Chevy Trucks - Like a rock. When you hear this phrase, one either thinks of Chevy Trucks or Bob Segar. This tag line has become synonymous with the Chevy Truck line. The consumer will continue to see this message 24/7/365 under the line's advertising umbrella (Ritter 2000). The line is advertised on mainstream television networks during primetime programming as well as almost every sporting event carried by broadcast or cable networks. The Chevy Truck Division obviously utilizes a "scatter" approach to their advertising by seemingly being in front of all of the potential consumers, all of the time (Fraleigh 2002). The line utilizes extensive newspaper, magazine and billboard advertising as well. The message to the consumer is to reinforce that Chevy Trucks are as American as apple pie. The theme is to reiterate that the trucks are tough and dependable while subliminally depicting a generational philosophy of sorts that states, "my grandfather and father owned a Chevy truck and by gosh, I will own one too!"Saturn VUE - "Saturn buys into "Survivor" TV Show and Web site" (Ad Age 2002). This is yet another way for General Motors to showcase one of its brands during prime time. The vehicle is also featured on MTV's Real World Battle of the Sexes (Ad Age 2002). The two examples provided reinforce Saturn's target demographic of 18-34 year olds. The SUV is priced affordably at $19,945 for the 4AWD and $23,295 for 6AWD (Saturn 2003). Saturn's "no hassle, no haggle" pricing policy was innovative at its inception. GM's market research indicates that the concept is working based upon customer satisfaction surveys (Saturn 2003). From the beginning, Saturn has advertised itself as a company that delivers solid value at a fair price. Their entry into the SUV market has provided positive results for Saturn by winning MotorWeek's 2002 Drivers Choice Award for Best Sport Utility Vehicle (MotorWeek 2002). These accolades have provided the consumer a basis of informat...


The Vanishing Border - The Weaking Of Canadian Business

1107 words - 5 pages business.While Ottawa was trying to decide whether or not Canada's banks would be allowed to handle car leasing, the Detroit based corporate giant General Motors Corp., (the number one ranked Fortune 500© company) stepped in and said the move (somehow) would dramatically endanger the assembly plant in Ste-Therese, Quebec. The banks were immediately pushed aside, and the proposal was shut down, with no reason given.The realization that globalization

Essay On Entering Foreign Markets(Taiwan)

8973 words - 36 pages distributed to the retailers for sale to the consumers/end-users.Also they are distributed to the wholesalers who are the primary intermediaries between the retailers and the manufacturer which is Arbel Corp.- PLANNING A GLOBAL PROMOTION STRATEGYDetermining Promotional Goals:Because promotion is an integral part of our overall marketing strategy, our promotional and advertising goals, strategies, and actions must be integrated with the company's overall

Business Marketing Is Radically Different From Consumer Marketing. Why Is This So?

1082 words - 5 pages buyers and sellers to plan jointly, and work to secure for both companies.For example, BASF is a world leader in carpet manufacturing. General Motors is constantly looking for ways to make cars and truck less expensive to manufacture, as well as increasing the value delivered to consumers. BASF and GM work together with Gaskell plc (British carpet manufacturer) to improve the quality as well as the looks and life of automotive carpets. Note that

Honda Strategic Management Paper

5880 words - 24 pages student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.Overview of Toyota CompanyToyota is a product of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION; the largest car manufacturer in Japan and currently take place as the third largest car manufacturer in the world after GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION and FORD MOTOR COMPANY of the United States. Mr. Kiichiro Toyoda established Toyota automotive

Assignment On Risk Management

5224 words - 21 pages current quarter, which was the highest in the three-month period since the year 1993. Statistics revealed that the total number of business failures rose by 64 percent from the same quarter a year ago. A couple of major bankruptcy filings included the default of Chrysler LLC and one of the biggest automobile companies of the world "General Motors Corp", well both the companies were among the 10 largest filings ever, which sent many of their

Essay On Car Industry - Toyota

954 words - 4 pages industry, etc.This industry is not immune to the scandals. Some years ago it was happening with Italian Fiat and these days it is happening with General Motors and their German Opel. To me, it is scandal when you must lay-off big number of employees in a certain company. In Opel's case the number goes up to the twelve thousands people! Isn't it to much?! What to do with that people?! -They are living of that industry. Thus, this industry is very

Research Methodologies – Taco Bell Expansion To Spain

1238 words - 5 pages quantitative. "Qualitative research is used in international marketing research to formulate and define a problem more clearly and to determine relevant questions to be examined in subsequent research" (Cateora & Graham, 2007, p. 222). This type of research will be useful in finding out the impressions of Taco Bell's food in general and why a person would purchase from them. Quantitative data, on the other hand consists of structured sets of

Evaluation Of Stratigic Management

4178 words - 17 pages discourages customer's process of shopping around and playing one supplies against another. Automobile manufactures are using credit cards in an attempt to establish switching costs. General motors gold card offers a 5 % rebate that allows the card user to gain as much as $7000 towards a new car. If a GM gold cardholder will buy a new car from GM's competitor the buyer will loose the discount offered by GM on the use of gold card (Mitter &amp

Corporate Social Responsibility - York University/SOSC 1340 - Research Paper

2766 words - 12 pages would be the 1960 General Motors (GM) Malibu fuel tank issue. GM had positioned the 1979 Malibu fuel tank eleven inches from the rear bumper, which was six inches closer compared to the recommend 1960 seventeen-inch standard, to save costs (Bakan, 2004, p. 62). This slight change caused the 1979 Malibu to immediately catch on fire in an event of crash, making it extremely unsafe for the passengers (Bakan 2004, p. 62). When sued, it was discovered in

Good Faith In The Law Of Contract

3316 words - 14 pages incorporated in all contractual dealings, for fairness and equal bargaining powers. Although, the High Court has never expressly stated, until recently that ?good faith? or ?fairness? is a general principle of Australian contract law, it is suggested that it is now being integrated into contractual dealings and affairs. While Australia has been slow in developing its own model of ?good faith? it is now evident that it has utilised other models of this

Gene One Benchmarking

5503 words - 23 pages changes at General Motors (GM History). GM launched a major reorganization to streamline its business practices and downsize its North American Operations. These changes were essential to GM's vision of total customer satisfaction and restoration of profitability. GM's new structure led to more flexible decision-making processes, more efficient utilization of technical and capital resources, and increased management accountability for performance to

JP Morgan Chase Shifts IT Outsourcing Into Reverse

5453 words - 22 pages IBM. Negative impacts would cause JP Morgan Chase to seek to cancel the outsourcing agreement with IBM. S.W.O.T. Analysis - POST-MERGER Strengths Weaknesses Merger with Bank One Corp. to promote cost cutting and self-sufficiency from a do-it-yourself approach. Long term growth and success for JP Morgan Chase by the management of its own technology infrastructure. Bringing outsourced work back in-house, proved very detrimental to JP Morgan

Walt-Disney, the soon-to-be monopoly - Westchester Community College: Mass media - Research Project

1651 words - 7 pages Disney a few years later, where in 1996, Disney purchased Capital Cities/ABC Studios for $19 billion dollars becoming the largest media merger in history at that point. Disney Radio was also launched that same year. In 2001, News Corp would sell Fox Family Worldwide to Disney where the channel would later become ABC Family. One year later, ABC and ESPN announced they had acquired the television broadcasting rights to the NBA. Bob Iger then

Ethical Issues In Global Business

3066 words - 13 pages -Corruption in a Globalized EconomyForeign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977Tab 4Transition: The Newsletter about Reforming EconomiesTab 5Ethical Issues in Global BusinessNavigating the boundaries between right and wrong can prove tricky for companies that operate in several nations and across cultures. Ethics is essential to economic development. The field of ethics, also called moral philosophy, involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of

One of the cornerstones of marketing theory is the notion that marketers can “segment” the market - University of Western - Essay

1575 words - 7 pages QUESTION “One of the most important concepts in marketing is the notion of a “market segment”. Explain in detail what a market segment is, and why market segments are strategically useful for marketers. Use examples that are not from your textbook to support your arguments.” THINGS TO NOTE: 1. The question asks you to do three things: First, explain what a market segment is, second, explain why they are strategically useful to marketers, and