Affirmative Action: Is It Beneficial Or Not? Preparatory Academy For Writers Research Paper

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Saint Amand
Dareena Saint Amand
Mr. Spanbock
Government and Economics
13 March 2018
Affirmative Action
Affirmative action is beneficial because it is able to balance the economic and educational gap between whites and minorities in order to develop a more diverse society and mend racial disputes. The United States has long been a country divided by race and it is necessary to help those who have been at a disadvantage. Many Americans struggle with the concept of affirmative action because it is a complex issue revolving around race, desires and experiences. Discrimination is very common which justifies the use of affirmative action, to ensure that people of minority groups will not be denied a position. The demands for equality in distributions of society’s benefits are important in order for our nation to evolve. Minorities have a lot of obstacles in the way that prevent them from being successful which can have a huge impact on their daily lives. They need access to all the resources that this country has to offer and affirmative action allows that to take place because it levels the playing field.
Minorities are never the frontline for success stories because they are always the last ones to finish by force, complications or hardships. The system in this country prevents them from being apart of the great moments in history. The Star Spangled Banner represents something that should be truly amazing but the hidden meaning behind the full song is often not recognized. This does not permit us to move forward because discrimination whether direct or indirect will always be there. The issue continues to grow deeper, resulting in conflicts which make us even more divided. Being able to have a system that favors misrepresented groups empowers others to be apart of this important movement. The perceptions that individuals have of others affect the way that people are viewed before they even have a chance to progress and show their true strengths. Affirmative action assists them and establishes a system to make sure their dreams have a chance of coming true.
Affirmative action is controversial because many whites, particularly males, see it as reverse discrimination. Affirmative action was created to uplift minorities and give them a chance to be victorious in their goals and objectives. Immigrants suffer the most because they do not have any support from the government and are declared as illegal even though they are human beings. The cruel treatment displayed to those who actually want to have a better tomorrow and make something of themselves need affirmative action. For a number of years in the United States, it was very difficult, if not impossible for minorities to get a fair chance to succeed. What we view as factors that make us unique is a setback. Reaching out to groups that are underrepresented provides them with a sense of stability and enables them to go out into the world without fear of being judged.
A lot of people argue that it...


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