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Caravans James Mirchener a professor and above all an adventurer wonderfully depicts' the great country of Afghanistan in this post World War II historical fiction. This novel sets a great example of the realities of the world and is in great opposite to the "apple pie and picket fences" dream that is embedded in American society. This book is much greater in that it enters the reader into a far land full of wonder, ugliness, and the horrible facts of life. The novel begins in Afghanistan with a young state department official receiving an order to find a white woman who married an Afghan; and is ...view middle of the document...

She has completely changed and all the assumptions of her disappearance were totally false. Ellen Jasper fled from her Afghan husband to join a Nomadic tribe. The novel was written in very easy English vernacular. It was intended for the general public and not some academic institution. The text is organized into chapters which starts from the beginning of the story and ends at the last chapter. This novel has many interesting themes and at times shocking predictions of the future of Afghanistan. One of the themes, which are clearly apparent in the Novel, is the idea that Afghanistan needs reform and western influence. This is seen many times in the Novel by main characters such as Moheb Shah and Miller commenting on the weakness of the Afghan government to remove the Chaderi (cloth worn over Afghan women). Also, another indication of this idea is the fact that mostly all of the learned men in Afghanistan studied in western universities and are considered the elite of society. Another theme that this novel implies is the danger of socialism encroaching upon Afghanistan. At times Miller states, "if Afghanistan does not get rid of the Chaderi, the Russians will." There seems to be an underlying motive in this novel to warn the reader of the Russian involvement in Afghanistan. This is even supported by Radcliff the FBI agent that is really in Afghanistan to study the Communists activity in the south of Afghanistan.


Cold War In The Middle East: Afghanistan

1937 words - 8 pages history of the Cold War in Afghanistan and its impacts on the troubled region, although in hindsight, can prevent similar antagonistic situations occurring in the Middle East. It will also provide greater understanding and appreciation for local context, a key variable not appreciated by megalomaniac outsiders.The Middle East is a region of vast geo-political importance. The ensemble of countries which constitute the Middle East are situated in the

The History and Impacts of Opium in Afghanistan - History - research papaer

765 words - 4 pages Dennis Ren 3/15/19 The History and Impacts of Opium in Afghanistan In 1979, Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union. This invasion caused a huge shift in power when ​president Mohammad Daud Khan was overthrown by left-wing military officers led by Nur Mohammad Taraki. ​Soviet bombing destroyed entire villages, crops, and irrigation, leaving millions of people dead, homeless or starving. This left Afghanistan with a weak economy and

Explaining the Ethics of War: Examples from the Fall of Constantinople and the Afghanistan War - Grade 12 Philosophy Class - Assignment

2306 words - 10 pages war should be waged and analyzing two widely known conflicts that have occured throughout the history of war: The Fall of Constantinople and The Afghanistan War. Ethics of War Human beings have been fighting each other since the prehistoric times, and the rights and wrongs of it have been argued for almost as long. Despite the undeniable fact that some wars have been fought for justice and peace, wars have always led to fear, destruction, and


383 words - 2 pages Although we are living in the modern century and in developed society, there are still many people do not have enough human rights for their own lives such as those who live in Afghanistan.As I see in Afghanistan, people, especially woman have no basic rights and have no freedom to do what they want. They can not go to school, the first thing which everybody must have; they can not work even they have all skills needed and they are even

Canada: A Respected World Power - St. Joseph's College School/History - Essay

1217 words - 5 pages member of an international military coalition both to challenge Iraq shortly after its invasion of Kuwait and after the war to hold service to the refugees. Canada also contributed to the war effort in Afghanistan by providing numerous naval crews and vessels, troops to the military effort and helped with the reconstruction campaign. Since the 1950s Canada has grown into a respected world power through their contributions to the Korean War, the

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745 words - 3 pages Makhijani 2 Amrita Makhijani Ms. Fernandez AP English Literature and Composition 11 February 2019 Setting in The Kite Runner The setting in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini plays a very important role because it is a backdrop for the occurring events, and it shapes the story. The changes in setting set the tone for the events that are going to occur there. For example, in pre-Soviet Afghanistan Baba and Amir have to leave their home, in

Letter To TIME

296 words - 2 pages Free pacify the "axis of evil" and install a new government, but how many times can America afford to fund a new government. We have a hard enough time balancing our own budget let alone financing several governments at once. In your article on 4, march titled "Lonely at the Top" the Afghanistan Interim leader says, after an army proposal to replace American soldiers with American-trained Afghans, "The cost of America not staying committed is too high." We can not baby sit these countries forever, it's time to start weaning them. We trained Afghans before, when Russia tried to take over Afghanistan. Why not now?

How Pakistan's National Identity has been infringed upon via religious conflicts between sunni and shia muslims

492 words - 2 pages sects, the government funded Sunni madrasas and integrated them into the national education . Due to all the funding supporting Sunni madrasas, they have produced large amounts of religious propaganda placing Shi'iah's at a severe disadvantage. As a result of the war funded by the United States in Afghanistan there now exists a great deal of violence between Sunni and Shi'iah's. After the war the soldiers from the madrasas that had been fighting in

Psychiatry Hospitalization Amongst Military

2779 words - 12 pages Running Head: Psychiatry Hospitalization Amongst Military Psychiatry Hospitalization Amongst Military Introduction It has increasingly come to notice that a large number of American personnels are hell bent taking the lives of their own. The wars that are being fought on the front of Iraq and Afghanistan have certainly taken a toll on them. The continuous work has resulted in the occupational morbidity

This is an Essay on the play Boy Overboard that takes about different aspects for refugees - Rose Bay/10 - Essay

1544 words - 7 pages English essay  The play considers both large and small events in life  The play ‘Boy Overboard’ by Patricia Cornelius addresses the large and small events that take  place in a child or adult’s life living in Afghanistan DURING THE TALIBAN ERA. IT EXPLORES  THE POOR LIVING CONDITIONS AND THE VIOLATION OF HUMAN LIBERTIES OF ALL  CITIZENS AND PARTICULARLY WOMEN AND GIRLS. In the grand scheme of things, the  smaller events seem to turn into or

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613 words - 3 pages - thousands  of students from all over studied different subjects.   Asoka was one of the most powerful kings of the Indian  subcontinent. A ruler of the Mauryan Empire, Ashoka ruled over the  country from 273 BC to 232 BC. The reign of Emperor Asoka covered  most of India, South Asia and beyond, stretching from present day  Afghanistan and parts of Persia in the west, to Bengal and Assam in  the east, and Mysore in the south.  Chandragupta Maurya was

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928 words - 4 pages Moayedi Sierra Moayedi January 11, 2019 Advanced English Kite Runner Essay The Role Religion Plays The Kite Runner which is a controversial narrative novel written by Khaled Hosseini- an author of the Afghan-American heritage; is a story which revolves around the life of Amir and has set throughout events. For Example, the fall of the monarchy in Afghanistan and the military intervention of the Soviet Union. This narrative clearly expressed


7751 words - 32 pages Cultural diversity in effective work place conflict resolutionJirga in Afghanistan vs. Canadian court system A case based approach introduction:Conflicts of various kinds are as old as the human civilization. Humans on an individual level or collectively in the form of a tribe, nation or ethnic group have had mild to severe conflict over scarce, yet much needed, resources such as - land, money, political power, and ideology. History is full of

How the War on Terror changed modern day United States - Federal Government - Essay

1159 words - 5 pages Afghanistan and Iraq fighting terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS. During the course of this war, The United States invaded and began an occupation in Iraq on March 20, 2003. This occupation lasted for slightly more than eight years and ended on December 18, 2011, when all United States troops were withdrawn from Iraq. With support for the War on Terror in the beginning, things changed as the United States clearly got more than they

Personal effects of September 11

443 words - 2 pages ,' or perhaps based on accumulated results. My intuition tells me, however, that the emotional pulse of the U.S. remains similar to that of September 10.When considering long-term changes in the United States, one might hypothesize that American politics and foreign policy will soon take a new turn. Evidence of governmental evolution is found in interventionist policies in Afghanistan, Iraq, and possibly North Korea. Perhaps the US will move into a