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Afraid Essay

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Belen 1Kaitlyn BelenKaryn SimonelliEnglish 11127 October 2014Afraid of HeightsEveryone has a moment when their fear is overwhelming and they feel vulnerable to everything. The heart starts to pound fast, hands start to get sticky, knees feel like they are turning slowly to jelly, and become a little light headed at the obstacle that's placed in front me. My response was always the same when I had to get on anything that had to do with heights. It was nerve racking for me. Going to the theme park, Six Flags, with my family proved to be very difficult with my fear.Before I ever visited Six Flags that day, I never went anywhere near something that lifted me off the floor more than 5 feet. ...view middle of the document...

I already knew from my friend Emerey that Six Flags was almost purely roller coasters, and there was only a slim chance that I would not have to ride any roller coasters. When we got there I immediately knew I was screwed. There were many little kids there so, I wouldn't be able to get on the kiddie rides because my parents would not be willing to wait in the long lines with me. We entered the park, and shortly after getting through, we arrived at the first ride. My parents told me I had to get on since it was my brother's birthday, and he wanted me to. After all the times my parents said they would never make me do anything I didn't want to, was now dismissed. My world just stopped because the ride they chose was ridiculous and unsafe in my opinion. The ride was called Mind Eraser, and it was sure having that effect on me because I couldn't even remember why I was even at the park. As I was coming up to the front of the line, and we started dividing into where you want to sit on the coaster, my brother decided he wanted to be in the front! Ugh! I was in h-e double hockey stick, and nobody even cared about it. My brother, Zachary, better known as Zach, liked the fact that at any given moment, I could pass out, and He was tormenting me about it. After arguing about why sitting in the first row is a bad idea, I gave in because there was no way they were going to let me get out of it. As we were getting seated , I started to have to a little panic attack where I couldn't even hear the guy talking about the rules and guidelines, you...

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