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Belen 1Kaitlyn BelenKaryn SimonelliEnglish 11127 October 2014Afraid of HeightsEveryone has a moment when their fear is overwhelming and they feel vulnerable to everything. The heart starts to pound fast, hands start to get sticky, knees feel like they are turning slowly to jelly, and become a little light headed at the obstacle that's placed in front me. My response was always the same when I had to get on anything that had to do with heights. It was nerve racking for me. Going to the theme park, Six Flags, with my family proved to be very difficult with my fear.Before I ever visited Six Flags that day, I never went anywhere near something that lifted me off the floor more than 5 fe ...view middle of the document...

I already knew from my friend Emerey that Six Flags was almost purely roller coasters, and there was only a slim chance that I would not have to ride any roller coasters. When we got there I immediately knew I was screwed. There were many little kids there so, I wouldn't be able to get on the kiddie rides because my parents would not be willing to wait in the long lines with me. We entered the park, and shortly after getting through, we arrived at the first ride. My parents told me I had to get on since it was my brother's birthday, and he wanted me to. After all the times my parents said they would never make me do anything I didn't want to, was now dismissed. My world just stopped because the ride they chose was ridiculous and unsafe in my opinion. The ride was called Mind Eraser, and it was sure having that effect on me because I couldn't even remember why I was even at the park. As I was coming up to the front of the line, and we started dividing into where you want to sit on the coaster, my brother decided he wanted to be in the front! Ugh! I was in h-e double hockey stick, and nobody even cared about it. My brother, Zachary, better known as Zach, liked the fact that at any given moment, I could pass out, and He was tormenting me about it. After arguing about why sitting in the first row is a bad idea, I gave in because there was no way they were going to let me get out of it. As we were getting seated , I started to have to a little panic attack where I couldn't even hear the guy talking about the rules and guidelines, ...


Fear In "Native Son" By Richard Wright

1468 words - 6 pages In Richard Wright's "Native Son", emotions are a very important element, especially that of fear. Blacks are afraid of whites, whites are afraid of blacks, women are afraid of men, and everyone is afraid of communists. In the novel, however, no fear is as important as the fears that Bigger Thomas feels. If it weren't for fear, nothing would happen in the novel. Fear is a catalyst for Bigger that, without which, Bigger would be living the same

Lord of the Flies Essay and Analysis - English - Essay

1072 words - 5 pages control them. Fear of the unknown can motivate people to act rashly. People are afraid of the unknown because they do not know the consequences of the situation. In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the older kids are afraid of the beast that one of the little kids sees, but they do not want to admit that they are afraid. They try to hide it. Jack yells at one of the younger kids for causing them to be afraid. You littluns started all this

Essay On The Great Commandment

493 words - 2 pages 1Mrs. CarrPre-AP English9 September 2013In Warriors Don't Cry, Melba Pattillo Beals uses conflict to help illustrate her bravery and fearfulness.Beals was very brave while going to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. She went through many awful things, but still continued going to that school even though she could stop. At one point in the story, the president had ordered half the troops to leave. Beals was afraid at first, but

Cold War Study Guide with answers - World History - Study Guide

633 words - 3 pages people in the US? ​He made protests to stop the war and spread peace. 7. Which political group won power after WW2? Who led this group? ​Omit 1-7 8. What was established in 1949? ​Israel 9. Where did the losers in China flee following Zedong’s rise to power? ​Taiwan. 10.What is China like today? ​Reformed communist 11.What two new superpowers emerged after WW2?​ ​The USA and the USSR 12.Why was the west concerned with the USSR? ​Afraid communism

Persuasive Essay Gay And Lesbi

623 words - 3 pages people. In other words, we as children of God, should also accept all people. According to the Bible, God is the only judge. "Do not judge others or you too will be judged," Matthew 7:1. Logically, we as humans do not have the power of authority to judge others.Some heterosexuals say that they are afraid of or repulsed by homosexuals when there is actually nothing scary or gross about them at all. "Why would God create a being that is hates? Why


510 words - 3 pages Free norms and continue to find overwhelming resistance. People with strong religious beliefs feel that gay relationships are wrong and against God's Word in the Bible. I think that people are just afraid of what they don't know about. Proposition 22 should not even been put onto the ballot. The government has no right going into other people's bedrooms. Homosexuals have been fighting this battle for way too long. This must stop. This is a very

George Lucas

278 words - 2 pages Modesto, California on May 14, 1944. He then grew up to attend Southern California University on a scholarship that allowed him to work with acclaimed director Francis Ford Coppola. Together they produced THX-1138, which was based upon a futuristic society. The movie was a flop and Lucas was afraid he would never become famous. In 1971 George started Lucasfilm Ltd, and produced hit movies like American Graffiti, the Starwars trilogy, the Indiana

Letter of advice

251 words - 2 pages Free of these are great chance for me to practice English, but I don't know which to choose! Maybe, language course is better, because I'll spend every day studying English. On the other hand, it may be hard for me to live in a country, where everything is new to me. I'm a bit afraid. Shall I choose the USA? I'll swim in the ocean there, visit New York and see the Statue of Liberty. But I've always dreamt of London! What would you do if you were me? I really need your advice!Please, write me back as soon as possible. I'm sure you will advise me the best way of spending vacations.Love,Liza.

What does one benefit from being a risk taker? - English - Essay

1622 words - 7 pages Taking risks may not be something one would consider because people would prefer to stay in their comfort zones. Most people do not open up to more advantages chances could give because they are afraid of failure but taking chances will help others conquer the fear of failure. Over time people will start to realize risks are necessary for someone’s life it helps them grow as the people they are. At some point, people will have to change and the

outline and evaluate the behavioural approach to treating phobias - A level Psychology - essay

530 words - 3 pages Free , and using the relaxation techniques to help them calm down when they are afraid. There is a lot of evidence to back up this method of treating phobias. For example, a researcher found that 75% of patients with phobias were successfully treated using systematic desensitisation. Another researcher who examined 42 patients with arachnophobia who were treated using this method was less fearful compared to the control group who was only taught

The Handmaid's Tale Short Narrative - Harvard University English - Assignment

635 words - 3 pages “Luke! Luke!” I scream on top of my lungs. I could barely see anything. It is pitch dark. I keep running as fast as I could in the woods. I hold my daughter’s hand in mine tightly. I have never feel so afraid before. I continue running. I hear footsteps approaching. It is the guards. I quickly look around. There is a big rock near me. The guards are too fast and I cannot outrun them. Hiding behind the rocks seems like the best ok. “Shh. It is

Report On Lady Of Angels Fire

585 words - 3 pages , however, since they were exempted from the fire code because of the Grandfather Clause, which allowed old schools to have the choice of not installing fire sprinklers. The film also revealed a shocking confession by a 10-year-old boy. The boy was claimed to have an obsession with fire and had a history of arson. Later the boy himself confessed to have set the fire, but he was found innocent by the judges primarily because the school was afraid to

Analysis On The Story "Flowering Judas" By Katherine Anne Porter

695 words - 3 pages drugs to him that he uses to commit suicide. She has betrayed the children she teaches, even though she tries to love and take pleasure in them, they "remain strangers to her." More importantly, perhaps, she betrays herself by rejecting "knowledge and kinship in one monotonous word. No. No. No," and by disguising her sexual coldness as earnest revolutionary idealism. Laura is afraid and unable to live life; she is "not at home in the world." It

Breaking Point of Fear American Literature - American Literature - Assignment

482 words - 2 pages Hale attacks Tituba demanding she confess her sins, Tituba cries out tearfully, “… he come one stormy night to me, and he say, “Look! I have white people belong to me.” And I look – and there was Goody Good” (Act I). Tituba was scared for her life, she shouts out the name of someone else so that they will not hurt her. Tituba is afraid of what they will do to her if she does not confess, so she decides to blame others. This theory is also in the

German 221 Essay on the book "The Reed" - German 221 - Essay

649 words - 3 pages curiosity when first meeting Kurt Steiner. While she may have been afraid, she ended up giving him a safe haven, but was afraid of talking to him in fear that she would realize her decision was wrong. Overtime though Marta  “...left the cellar trapdoor open and switched on her radio…” allowing Kurt to hear. (Seghers 232) This is one of the earliest examples of the reader finding out Marta sometimes takes risks. Eventually we find out that Marta