African Americans And Prison Rate Human Behavior Research Paper

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African Americans Males and Mass Incarceration
Champagne Hunt
SOWK 310.001
North Carolina A&T State University
African American Males and Mass Incarceration
There has been many generations in the United States, where African Americans males have been discriminated leading to unfair opportunities and equal rights as other ethnic groups. It all started when it was slavery, and after came the problem of racism which had a major impact on millions of minorities lives. African Americans males specifically, have been victimized in three ways, first by being targeted more highly than other racial groups because of their environment, second U.S. Criminal Justice System perpetuate a system that gives them unequal treatment or rights and lastly many reasons results in false convictions. However, because of these many reasons and a history that deals with social oppression, African American males have been treated for years unequally, entering jails at a higher rate than any other racial group. Although they enter jail at an higher rate it deals with how the other race in charge portrays the black community and that’s why each theory being explained coexist with each main point.
False Convictions-
Every year there is more people who are wrongfully convicted for a crime that they did not commit because of many different reasons. There has been recent studies showing that blacks are more likely to be convicted for a crime that they did not do than any other race. It has been stated that there is “three types of crimes where black people were more likely than whites to be exonerated: murder, sexual assault and drug crimes. they also said they found patterns of racial discrimination in all three groups.” (Turner,A. O. 2017) meaning that blacks are already targeted for certain crimes and have a high conviction for them. Every black person that is being convicted for a murder and pushed to be found guilty by jury’s and the judge is because the stereotype has already been made that they are more likely to do this crime rather than a white person. The reason for this is because of police misconduct they force many individuals to state that they have done a crime that they were nowhere near in order to have a solved case. The overall problem of false convictions due to police misconduct is a conflict theory. A conflict theory is how power structures and power disparities impact people’s lives. When the false convictions are made and a black male is sent to jail due to an higher authority forcing them it shows that power is being unequally divided and the group that is being dominate is the person who is in charge of forcing the law. However, when it comes to sexual assault white women can accuse a black man of rape and it is looked to be true because of her statement and no DMA has to be involved showing that the conflict theory can shows that ...


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