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Against Capital Punishment Essay

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In Canada, David Milgaard was sentenced to life imprisonment for the 1969 murder of Gail Miller, a Saskatoon nursing aide. David spent 22 years in prison, The Supreme Court set aside Milgaard's conviction in 1992, and he was cleared by DNA evidence in 1997. The Saskatchewan government awarded Milgaard $10 million to try and compensate for 22 years of his life gone to waste. If David was in the United States, he would be condemned to capital punishment. He would have been wrongfully murdered and no amount money could compensate for his death. This case could have caused even more problems if capital punishment was reinstated. After the abolition of capital punishment murder rates in Canada ...view middle of the document...

Guy Paul Morin was sentenced to life in 1992 for the first-degree murder of a nine-year-old girl. Morin was set free in 1996 by DNA testing. Morin received a $1.25 million settlement. Thomas Sophonow tried three times and convicted twice of the 1981 murder a waitress in Winnipeg, Manitoba. DNA evidence cleared Thomas in 2000, and he was awarded $2.6 million in compensation. If there was capital punishment in any of these five cases including David Milgaard the Canadian government would have erroneously killed these people. Our government can not be responsible for the death of innocent people.There has been research in Canada on the deterrent effect of punishment. It concluded that the death penalty has no difference in deterrent when compared to other punishments. This studied was supported by other American research. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police stated that it is ineffective to base an argument for the reinstatement of capital punishment on the grounds of deterrence. This has proven that capital punishment does not have a greater effect on the prevention of murder than our current punishment.In 1987 there was a motion to reintroduce capital punishment. On June 30, the motion was defeated on a free vote (148-127), despite public opinion pollsshowing majority...

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