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Airbags Pop Em' Or Keep Em' Essay

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Airbags-Pop em' or Keep em'During the rainstorm, it's hard to see anything-especially when the downpour makes the windshield wipers work constantly. On this cold, dreary September night young two year old Mica is safely buckled in her child safety seat, which is attached to the passenger seat belt. Her older brother, Sean, quietly sleeps in the backseat while his mother drives the exhausted children home. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a tall, 12 point buck is caught by the vehicles' headlights. Both the buck and the mother freeze. A milli-second later, a powerful explosion occurs inside the cabin. The airbags deflate nearly as quickly as they inflate, and Sean begins to scream. His mother is ...view middle of the document...

The couple of hundred dollars received by the thieves is more than enough incentive to target them, since they are worth more than most car stereos.When looking at the airbag issue, we must first look at the issue of safety. When the idea of installing airbags was first introduced, it seemed to be a good, life-saving idea. However, according to CNN, airbags have snapped the necks of 30 children. CNN also said that 15 smaller women would have survived their accidents if airbags weren't installed in their vehicles ('Federal Safety Officials to Propose new Airbag Rules' 1).True, airbags have had some success. According to CNN, airbags have been credited with saving 1,100 lives since they have been introduced ('Federal Safety Officials.....' 1). However, an article by CNNfn goes on to state, the airbags do nothing to cut the overall injury rate that occurs in accidents ('Reports Knock Airbag Safety' 1). The airbags may be saving some lives. However, in other cases, they are doing more damage than good. USA Today broke the story on airbag performance. The news report told us that airbags deliver enough non-lethal injuries to the passengers that it offsets their performance on overall injuries ('Reports Knock Airbag Safety' 1). The net result: airbags have been found to cause injuries in so many accidents that the little good they do is overshadowed by the injuries they cause.Now that you understand some of the problems with the performance of airbags, let's look at another problem-why they are unreliable.The reliability of airbags is questioned since they do not protect all sizes of bodies. When the first airbags were tested, the engineers didn't take into account the different sizes of people the bags would have to protect. They used a one-sized dummy, similar to 'Larry and Vince.' The engineers didn't think about the possibility of babies in the front seat or smaller-framed people being hurt by the bags. The airbag deploys at speeds of 200 miles an hour, according to CNNfn. The bags explode when a sensor sets them off, whether the car is involved in a fender bender or a head on collision ('Reports Knock Airbag Safety' 1). If the cars' sensors could sense the severity of the crash, the airbag could deploy with more or less force, resulting in less overall injuries.These 'smart sensors' are still on the drawing board. It will be years before they are being put into full effect. Until that time, drivers will have to continue to use good driving skills. According to Automotive News, the advent of 'smart sensors' will accompany 'smarter airbags.' These airbags will not only be located in the steering wheel and the glove box, but on the side of the seats. The airbags will also be smart enough to know whether a passenger airbag should deploy, in case no one is seated there. ('Next generation airbags....' 18). Hopefully, the cost will not overshadow...

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