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Advanced Media Makeup
Rochine Williams
Airbrush uses in the industry
Airbrushing is used in a range of ways for different purposes. Its superior qualities in terms of endurance, flawless matt finish and seamless blending makes it an ideal tool within the professional make up industry. (reference). It is now becoming popularised within a range of contexts. For example, Theatrical makeup artists are using the airbrush technique to design body art as well as colour prosthetics and create stencil design. The appeal for the make-up artist within this context, is in that the airbrush can achieve fine detail within the design which is otherwise unachievable using traditional brush work. makeup artists such as Kimberly Brook uses airbrushing within most of her makeup looks. It has been stated by (, 2017) that airbrush is a fast and effective way for perfecting a makeup look providing it is carried out professionally.
Similarly, airbrushing has become significantly popular within the bridal industry. This is because airbrush products are silicone base and has an advantage to be resistant to water and lasts through durations of hugging, kissing and greeting guests. Brides want this on their weddings because a natural look is attained, and this does not get erased by sweat or hugs. Another advantage of airbrush makeup is that it is hygienic and tends to suit all skin types, however a disadvantage of airbrushing is that it can become flaky, can be hard to re blend if a mistake is made, limited to shades and airbrushing can also work out to be expensive within a big production. It has been stated by (2017) that airbrushing may not be a good tool if your client has any chest problems.
According to (Glossa, 2015) airbrush makeup could be a Benefit for people with skin conditions such as acne and eczema. This is because there is less physical contact with the skin. The makeup foundation applied through the airbrush does not seep deeply into the pores but rather sits on the surface of the skin. Similarly, the use of airbrush application does not spread germs on the face the way an application sponge might in a traditional sense of makeup application. Although airbrush is being praised for its “flawless finish effects”, it needs to be stated that airbrush cannot cover up facial texture. For example; the airbrush techniques would camouflage the colour of a raised imperfection on the face such as a spot or boil, but it will not conceal the texture of the raised skin surface.
Airbrush: useful tool in the industry
According to (Professional Makeup Artist, 2016) airbrushing has become a very useful tool within the theatrical film and mak...


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